Google $30 billion Dollars Project – Expansion of infrastructures. Find out what it is

What is Google 30 billion dollars project?

Google $30 billion dollars project is mainly for the expansion of their global infrastructure. This service has been in existence for some years back. Google has spent 30billion dollar for over 3 years and this project is from data center to subsea cable.

Google $30 Billion Dollars Project

The main purpose why Google create this project is for connecting the world and to service their cloud customers. Presently, Google has added another three submarine cable and five new regions. All this are also part of the project.

Google, as we all know, is the largest network provider all over the universe. Google $30 billion project includes all the following.The google new five regions include Netherland, Montreal which was later followed by Los Angeles, Finland and lastly hong kong.

All these listed regions will be executed in 2018 while the three submarine cable will be in 2019. These submarine cables are Curie, Havfrue, and HK-G. The curve function is to connect chile to Los Angeles while Harfrue is a coalition cable to connect the U.S to Denmark and Ireland. And lastly, HK-G which is the Hong Kong Cable system. This cable system is an associate cable interconnecting different major subsea communication hubs in Asia.

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Google three Submarine Cable

Curie cable: The name was found from a scientist Marie Curie. Google investment in the Curie cable is part of the project for improvement of global infrastructure. Google was the first technology company to invest in a subsea cable. With the aid of Curie, Google becomes the first major non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable.

Curie is the first subsea cable to locate in Chile in almost 20 years back. Once the private subsea cable is deployed, Curie will be known as Chile’s largest single data pipe. This will serve Google users and customers across Latin America so this is mainly for the benefits of their customers.

HK-G cable:  This is the Hong Kong Cable system. Google is currently working with RTI-C and NEC concerning the Hong Kong cable system. Google also associate with indigo and other existing subsea systems, because this cable creates multiple scalable and diverse paths to Australia.  As a result of all these, customers will experience improvement in the capacity and in between Australia to other hubs in Asia. It will also increase google network capacity at the new Hong Kong region.

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Havfrue cable: Google is working with Aqua Comms, Facebook and Bulk Infrastructure in other to build a direct submarine cable system. This Havfrue cable is connecting the U.S to Denmark and Ireland, It will be build by TE subcom and will be online by the end of 2019. The havfrue cable is also known as ”Danish for mermaid”.