G Suite

G Suite – G Suite Account, Sign In and Pricing


G Suite for work formerly known as “Google Apps” is a suite of web applications that were developed by Google for business. This app also gives you access to a whole lot of Google applications. Just like the Google Calendar, Hangouts, Docs, Forms, Plus, Sheets, Sites, and Slides.

G Suite for work gives you that unique email, shared calendars, video meetings, online storage, and many more. One thing you should know is that the G Suite makes collaboration very easy and effective also. On this app, you will be able to create video conferences with Hangouts, make use of instant messaging.

And also share spreadsheets and documents. You can as well share calendars with others, thereby making meetings very easy to setup.

G Suite

G Suite for sure is a very great ideal for small businesses. As it provides you with a lot of tools to help you excel. One great benefit of the app is that it has some great mobile tools. The app is available on tablets (both iOS and Android), smartphones. It is also available on Linux computers, Windows, or Mac.

G Suite Account

Your G Suite account grants you access to Gmail on your desired domain and also 30GB of Google Drive storage per user.

Adding a User

Anytime you add a user to your G Suite account, you provide them with an email address at your business domain as well as an account that they can use to access G Suite services.

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Now follow the steps below to add a user:

  • Sign in to Google Domains (https://domains.google.com/registrar)
  • Note: Ensure you sign in to Google Domains using the Google Domains account you used in signing up for G Suite. In severe cases, the G Suite admin account is not the same as the Google Domains account.
  • Choose the name of your domain.
  • Next is to open the menu (the menu icon is the three horizontal lines).
  • Click on “Email”.
  • Below “Add or remove people from G Suite”, click on “Add user” and type in the first name, last name, and the preferred username of the user.
  • Now choose the role, be it “Admin or User”.
  • Lastly, click on “Add”.

G Suite Sign In

These steps below are only for admins that manage Google Accounts for either a school, company, or any other group

Here is how to sign in to your Admin console:

  • Visit any web browser of your choice.
  • In the search bar, type in “admin.google.com”
  • Now click on “Add account”.
  • From the sign-in page, put in the email address as well as the password for your admin account (note that the email address should not end in gmail.com. It should rather end in .com)
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Tip: An admin account has the right to manage services for people in your organization. The Admin console is accessible only when you sign in to an admin account. However, if you cant access an admin account, kindly visit support.google.com and lay your complaints.

One more thing, if you notice a list of Google Accounts on the sign-in page, do not make the mistake of choosing an account that ends in gmail.com. Choose your admin account that ends in “.com”

Top 5 Benefits of G Suite


The benefits of G Suite include:

  • It is very affordable and it saves costs and unnecessary spending.
  • Businesses are opportune to get a professional email. For instance, when you upgrade, instead of making use of [email protected], you get to use support @mikiguru.com. One thing you should know is that customers are more likely to reply to a professional email than just a normal or free email.
  • It has enhanced data security.
  • G Suite has unlimited storage space.
  • Lastly, it has an improved team collaboration.


  • 1 Seat (Account) – $6.00 per month
  • 2 Seats (Accounts) – $12.00 per month
  • 5 Seats (Accounts) – $30.00 per month
  • 10 Seats (Accounts) – $60.00 per month