Fun Addicting Games: Play this games for just 60 seconds and see why everyone addicted

Talking about addicting games, most people find a particular game so addictive while some don’t get the addictive sensation from the same game. It’s cool to play games because most games warrant you to use your brain and intellect to solve problems or to defeat an opponent but at some extents, games can be addictive and when it turns out to be, it’s an abuse.

Addicting Games

The surprising aspect of games is, Game makers tend to program games in the best way to make it interesting and addictive so you can’t quit playing. Game players have gone over the internet and social media to discuss their experience in games and how it made them addicted.

We have mashed up some of the most addictive games on the Go, it’s a bet that you wouldn’t want to leave this game after playing, but have you ever asked yourself, why I am so addicted to this game? Before we get to know these addictive games lets check out what makes you addicted to a particular game.

Why is Games Addicting?

The ego of the player

Let’s take the game monopoly, for example, it’s enticing when you defeat and retrieve property from your opponent or receive a large sum of money for rent.

It’s the reward for success in the game and the more you receive these honors it increases your self-esteem and you always want to play to get more honorary.

The addiction goes for the loser and the winner because the loser wants to play more to retrieve his honor and the winner also wants to defend it.

Free to play

From the beginning of the word “Free” the addiction starts. Just like when you are given free food. You eat to your satisfaction the same happens in games.

You know you won’t be charged for data or for playing the game so you tend to play until you are exhausted thereby getting you addicted to the game. This’s the reason why offline games are more addictive than online games.

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Online community

People get addicted to online games not just because of the game. Game makers create an online platform where players are given the chance to create a profile. Get to compete, and interact with anonymous people.

The socialization they get makes them addicted and always wants to catch up with friends and play with them.

Skills of player

Many games are programmed to some certain difficulty. Players are meant to learn some skills via a demo. Also, players are now expected to use the acquired skill to defeat levels, the more you progress the harder it becomes


Aside from these reasons it’s said that game addiction is caused psychologically. Researches explain that there is a sensation you get when playing a game. This feeling is caused by a hormone called dopamine. When playing the game this hormone is awakened and makes you want to play continuously.

5 best Addicting Games

Below are the top 5 Addicting Games

Player unknown’s battleground

At the beginning of this game is hard to see the addiction in it. It has a clunky control, the graphics are also fine, and it goes for a price.

PUBG was released in 2017 and it was one of the best and it became the most popular game in the world that year. It got almost everyone to play not minding it cost.

The game comes with heart-pumping moments. Hearing the sound of the enemy coming towards your building will make you nervous. And at the end of the game you feel like you just released from captive.

In Asia, reports say that the game has cost the lives of people who are addicted to it. Some countries are making plans for banning PUBG

League of legends

This game has also gotten a lot of people Addicting. After learning the game mechanics and becoming familiar with the game.

The more you play and get through new levels the more interesting it becomes, you learn new skills and become a better player. You can also join an online team or probably create one.

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Fortnite (Addicting Games)

This game has taken the top spot in the world of gaming. Most parents are getting worried about the Fortnite game. Most children are so addicted to this game and parents are going crazy over it because it’s getting out of hand.

The Fortnite has recorded over 247 million players globally and over $200 million in a month for revenue. The game is still trending and not going down anytime soon.

Mine craft

In terms of popularity this game has gone through various height and troughs. This game got a record as the best-sold game currently with over 170 million copies sold.

This was possible because it can be easily accessed everyone can play including kids. The main reason for its addiction is the social community and ability to draw the attention of people

World of Warcraft (Addicting Games)

In 2004 when the world of warcraft was released it brought something new to the table. The level of immersion is high and it also has an online platform that makes you meet people and play online.


Even till today the World of Warcraft is used to compare other MMO games.

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