Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Review and How it Works

Hello, guys Welcome to today’s content, today we are talking about the Amazon FBA which is Fulfillment by Amazon. Now, What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)? Amazon has offers a good opportunity for all entrepreneurs to create a full online business from the comfort of their homes. As a seller on Amazon, you really need this service for your online business. With FBA Amazon has made have selling soo easy for you. However, as a seller on Amazon then you should consider using the Fulfillment by Amazon. Follow up with this article to know more about the (FBA) which is the fulfillment by Amazon.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Why you Should sell on Fulfillment by Amazon

This is a service by Amazon that helps sellers on their fulfill all their business needs via their platform. The feature is one amazing and great service in the online store. To know more about this feature kindly grab popcorn and follow up with this article. Amazon FBA means Amazon Fulfillment by-Amazon. Amazon does all the hard work for you, In the FBA program.

How to go about it

Amazon FBA means Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon does all the hard work for you, In the FBA program.

  • First and Foremost, you will have to send your products to Amazon and it will be stored in their fulfillment centers. This fulfillment center is more like huge warehouses that are run by Amazon Employees and robots.
  • Next, the products sent to amazon will be sorted and well-taken care off, and in case of any damage of goods from amazon warehouse. Amazon will take full responsibility for the damaged products.
  • However, if the shopper orders for your product on Amazon, the handle the full transaction. Everything is automated.
  • The product will be packed and also shipped to the shopper on your behalf.
  • Once the product has arrived at the right customer, Amazon does the follow up with the customer to ensure everything is in perfect condition. In case there’s any problem or complaint. Amazon sure takes care of it as well.
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Now that Amazon does basically all the work, what do you have to do?

As a seller on FBA, you have to do the below…

  • First, you have to promote your product by Running an advert to ensure customers find your product. This is because Amazon has Millions of sellers.
  • Pick the Right Product, you need to know what customer needed at the right time
  • Lastly you need to keep Inventory, you need to know when your product is running low, However, Amazon will let you know when you are running low. But you need to ensure your product is stock from time to time.

Fulfillment by Amazon Fee

Amazon charges different kinds of fees to their FBA members. These charges take place mostly after the sale has been made. Below are the fee charged by Amazon.

  • 15% referral fee basically on all sales, in some categories, such as DVD and books, have a flat fee additional.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon takes out fees to cover up for shipping. However, this charge is less than what it would cost you to ship the product yourself.
  • No subscription fee if you sell as an individual seller plan, However, Amazon charges an additional fee of $1.00 flat fee. But if you’re selling up to 50 or more products on Amazon FBA we suggest you go for Professional Plan.
  • You might end up paying for a long storage fee if your Goods or products are kept on Amazon Warehouse for a long time.
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Great right? The fee is actually way low compared to when you are to do it yourself.