Fortnite in-game video chat

Fortnite in-game video chat: Fortnite is receiving in-game video chat


Fortnite in-game video chat. Fortnite is getting an in-game video chat that will enable you to see your friends via Houseparty. Epic is as well including a new video chat feature, Houseparty to the battle royale game. Here, players can view their friends’ live feeds inside the game.

Fortnite in-game video chat

This feature will be available to Houseparty app users on Android and iOS. Also, it will be compatible on release when playing Fortnite on, PC, PS4, and PS5.

Steps to follow to allow video chat pop up

The Houseparty which is already allowing friends video chat within the app just needs to be linked to your Epic Games account. And by doing so, players will earn the Rainbow Fog Wrap. As soon as Houseparty is connected to your Epic Games account, you can now follow the steps below as a player.

(the steps below will easily allow video chat to come up together with their Fortnite gameplay):

  • Firstly, you will have to launch Houseparty on either android or iOS.
  • Next is to connect to Fortnite via settings or the TV icon.
  • Now join your friends like you would do on a norm or you invite them to join you.
  • Then fire up Fortnite on a PC or a Playstation.
  • Keep communicating with your friends even while you play.
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All you need to do is to look for a very comfortable spot to prop your phone up to frame your face. However, Houseparty makes use of facial recognition software accessible on Android and iOS also to keep trace and to also detect when a face is captured through the camera.


As soon as you have connected and allowed the Houseparty chat, your friends in your Houseparty will be able to show up on the screen to the left of your Fortnite gameplay in a new screen.

Though the Houseparty allows for larger groups, however only 4 friends will be displayed on the screen close to your Fortnite gameplay at a time. Together with those who spoke lately being emphasized.

This simply means that you will be needing some pieces of hardware to make things work out. In addition to a PlayStation or a PC for the game, you will also need to have Houseparty operating on your Android device or on an iOS to work as a camera.

Fortnite is receiving in-game video chat

This might sound a little bit clunky, however, Epic says that the users of Houseparty are getting it done already. And this is no doubt an effort to streamline the process.

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In a cool touch, the Houseparty app will show your face only. The camera will capture your face automatically and restore everything else with a beautiful and colorful background.

Note that the moment your face goes off the camera, the feed won’t display anything again except your background. This was partly done safely, however, to keep things focused as well.

This update really makes sense considering the steady shift of Fortnite from third-person shooter to full-on social space. Over the years, Epic enlarged the game so far beyond its battle royale origins. Together with a non-violent social space known as “Party Royale|” and a constant stream of progressively detailed in-game concerts.


However, Epic hasn’t mentioned if the feature will be launched on other games, or when it will be made accessible in Fortnite on other platforms.