Fortnite for Android just got axed from the Google Play Store


Fortnite for Android just got axed from the Google Play Store – Just soon after Epic Games fought with Apple because of the sizable chunk of fees the company collects on transactions in its mobile ecosystem. This seems as the Fortnite develop will be waging a war on two fronts.


Epic placed a direct payment option to its mobile game on Thursday, pushing apple to withdraw Fortnite from the Apple App Store. The Android version of Fortnite is nowhere to be found from Google’s app marketplace at the moment.

Google defended the decision to remove Fortnite

Google maintained the decision to withdraw Fortnite for going against the rules of its platform. The company said in a statement:

“The open Android ecosystem lets developers distribute apps through multiple app stores. For game developers who choose to use the Play Store, we have consistent policies that are fair to developers and keep the store safe for users. While Fortnite remains available on Android, we can no longer make it available on Play because it violates our policies. However, we welcome the opportunity to continue our discussions with Epic and bring Fortnite back to Google Play”.

Even as Epic’s legal filing and in-game spoof of Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial make for a flashy fight, it is not Epic’s first dispute concerning the mobile version of Fortnite. In the year 2018, the company decided to remove Fortnite from the Google Play Store over related complaints to its recent crusade.


Against the 30 percent cut that Apple and Google receive from sales in their respective app stores. Fortnite is free to play, however, players purchase seasonal passes that unlock its a progression system. And also an in-game cosmetic item just like skins which make Epic a lot of money and do not affect gameplay.

Epic has arranged a parallel suit against Google

Update – Epic has arranged a parallel suit against Google. Stating the company’s old “Don’t be evil” mantra and claiming that Google went against antitrust rules by “using its size to do evil upon competitors”.

Just when Epic gave in and restored Fortnite to the Google Play in April. It did this with a statement criticizing Google’s treatment of apps outside its app marketplace. Even while all the apps in Apple’s iOS come from the Apple App Store, Google doesn’t enable apps like Fortnite to be sideloaded outside the Google Play Store. However, the experience is not smooth and followed with several warnings concerning the malware.

The Comment of an Epic Games Spokesperson

An Epic Games spokesperson mentioned something in April. The person said:

“Google puts software downloadable outside of Google Play at a disadvantage, through technical and business measures. Such as scary, repetitive security popups for downloaded and updated software, restrictive manufacturer and carrier agreements and dealings… Because of this, we’ve launched Fortnite for Android on the Google Play Store”.


Well, Fortnite is still accessible on Android. It is not only available through the Google Play Store, but also available on its website. Epic points players to a direct download through QR code. And the game is as well available via Samsung’s Galaxy Store on approved devices.