Fortnite can still be reinstalled on iOS after Apple removed it


Fortnite was removed from the App Store last week. As part of developer Epic Games’ big legal and regulatory showdown with Apple. However, the battle Royale hit is not gone completely.

If you have never downloaded the Epic game, “you are really out of luck. And we recommend avoiding any of the eBay listings that appear to be popping up to hawk iPhones with the game installed for as much as $10,000. That sounds suspicious. Those who have already downloaded the game can still play the game and even install update files too. At least till the next big patch is launched. Apple does not have the right to violently withdraw software from your device.


However, for those of you who have already downloaded Fortnite at least once in previous times but removed it again. Well, the good news is that you can still possibly reinstall the game on your iOS device.

Follow the steps below to easily reinstall the game on your iOS device:

How to reinstall the game on your iOS device

  • On the App Store, locate the “My Purchase” section. To locate it, click on your avatar (located at the top right side of your main screen).
  • Right from there, click on “purchased”, then click on “My Purchases” also to see your app directory of all iOS apps you have downloaded.
  • Search for “Fortnite”.
  • The app should be displayed, and clicking the cloud icon will begin the downloading process.

Fortnite can still be reinstalled on iOS

Well, what you should know is that you will still have to install closely 10GB collection of app files. Fornite exists on mobile as a type of shell for the bigger parts of game files that must be recovered from Epic servers. However, going through all this process will place the app back on your home screen. And even make it available to play as soon as it gets updated, at least for now. This truck also works if any member of an Apple Family Sharing plan has downloaded Fortnite on iOS before.


It is not right to call this a slit because this character has several times prevailed in one confirmation or the other for iOS apps. For example, you can still play Flappy Bird for so many years even after the person who created the game removed the game from the App Store. However, the game stopped working ever since Apple switched from 32-bit apps with the release of iOS 11 in the year 2017.

However given the unrivaled action that Apple took to withdraw Fortnite from the App Store and going further to intimidate Epic with the abolishment of its involvement in its developer program. It is a great idea to have Fortnite back on your iOS device if you have an interest in keeping up with the game. Or even any of the real-world dispute surrounding it.

There is no need to predict how far the Fortnite struggle will continue. And if Epic will ever agree to concur to Apple’s demands and withdraw its in-app payment method. As of now, you can still pick Epic upon its price cut offer. Just by paying less for Fortnite v-bucks if you choose to avoid Apple and its disputed30 percent cut.

Epic’s Comment


Epic has mentioned that the next season of the game, Chapter 2 Season 4 will be released on the 27th of August. But it will not be available on the iOS version of the game because of the ongoing dispute  That is also a day before Apple announced that it would close the account of Epic’s developer. And also “cut Epic off from iOS and Mac development tools”. Epic has filed a preliminary directive in opposition to Apple to stop this from occurring. However, we are still waiting for the judgment on the case.