Foldable iPhone: Will Apple Bring out a Folding Phone?

I know you might be wondering if Apple will ever bring out a foldable iPhone. Well, no one is sure about that and no one can tell either. We all know that Samsung is growing very big on folding phones as well as other companies too. But I would say that it is just a matter of time. Because Apple might soon release its own foldable iPhone too with, of course, mouth-watering features!. Apple might decide not to put a bezel or reduce the bezel, making it look like it has a single screen. It could as well allow for a more versatile device. Then users could choose at any time if they want a smaller single screen or a larger double screen device.




Well, the particular design Apple would be using for its new folding phone still remains unclear to everyone. But the patent detailed several possibilities that the new foldable iPhone will be a bit like the Galaxy foldable phone. And it will also include a design which will allow for a large flat screen as well as a design that will combine both screens at an angle just like a laptop.

The Reason why Apple should make a Foldable iPhone

Samsung foldable phone came out in 2018 and it developed some fault which has now been corrected. That’s why at times, it isn’t cool to be the first to market or produce a product. There’s no doubt that if anyone is to make or was gonna ever make a foldable phone, Apple still remains the best amongst all!

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Evidence for a Foldable iPhone

The rumor that the Apple foldable phone is out, came out as far back as 2016 when Apple placed an order with LG for its folding OLEDs. And the rumor has been ongoing since then.

In October 2017, Bell announced that LG was working on a foldable iPhone with Apple. Following the report, the production of the foldable iPhone was supposed to have started in 2019. The same report also came from ET News but a year before the report came from Bell (that was in December 2016).

It was said also that LG was going to begin mass-producing the screens in 2018. And would be supplying them to Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Also, another report said that Samsung Display was in negotiation with Apple to supply the company with foldable displays that will be used for iPad/Phone hybrid. Samsung did provide 7.2inches display to Apple and the OLEDs used for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

On 22 April 2019, the supply chain sources said that Apple has secretly been testing a folding screen by BOE display. Also, the company tested the folding screen by Samsung.

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With all these, it was said that Apple might eventually launch the new iPhone folding phone.

Will Apple Bring out a Folding Phone?

Many of you might be wondering why Apple hasn’t released its foldable iPhone yet. But the truth be told. Apple is majorly concerned with doing it perfectly rather than doing it first. Apple isn’t ready to release a folding iPhone till he is very sure that it is perfectly okay. And it’s obvious that he has been working on that for years.

Apple has figured out other ways of producing a foldable phone so as to avoid wear and tear on the OLED panel that has been the cause of the ruin of other foldable phones.

The U.S. Patent No. 10,585,708 also outlined a method titled ‘System with multiple electronic devices’. He said this method would enable two or more screens to automatically link up when they are placed in close proximity in other for them to work together.

Apple folding iPhone release date

The company probably wouldn’t release now in 2020 but later or probably maybe 2021.