FNB Mobile app download and cellphone banking login

FNB is the abbreviation for First national bank and it is one of the oldest banks in South Africa. The bank is one of the three divisions of FirstRand bank limited. It is one of the best and leading banks in South Africa.

FNB Mobile app download and cellphone banking login

This bank is the most innovative bank in Southern Africa due to the policy of their business. The bank is very efficient and effective in terms of the service rendered to their customers. You can click HERE to get more details about this bank.

FNB App how to download  FNB Mobile APP

The bank provides an official app for the customer so it will enable users to perform online transactions without the stress of going to the bank. This app can perform any transaction in the comfort of your work and home at anytime and anywhere.  The app is applicable for FNB customers only, so if you are yet to download the app follow up with this guide.

  • Start your web browser and visit their official page or simply click HERE.
  • Locate the download here button click on it, wait for the page to load and you will be directed to a new page.
  • Select the type of device you intend to download the app on, the download process will commence immediately.
  • When you are done downloading, install the app on your device so you can also enjoy the service.
  • You can also click HERE for quick download on your Android and HERE to download on your iPhones.
  • From this guide, it’s obvious that the download step is very easy and fast.

How do www.fnb.co.za cellphone banking login works

  • Open any web browser with internet connection on it and visit the official portal of FNB or kindly click HERE to visit their platform.
  • Select ”login to banking” key, then you will be given two login option which is online login and cellphone login.
  • Click on the ”cellphone login” key then provide your cellphone number, cellphone banking PIN.
  • You can now enter the unique code that is found in the underneath of your Cellphone Banking PIN text box.
  • But for online banking login, all you need to do is simple, just enter your username and password. it has to be your registered user ID and password.
  • Users should note that they also have the ability to log into cellphone banking with their online banking information. So there is no need to panic if you have not registered for a cell phone account.

FNB Trading hours/working hours

The Fnb usual trading hours are from Monday to Friday. But the bank just extended the working hours of some branch to Monday to Sunday. Although this is not applicable to some branch.

FNB cellphone banking

Cellphone banking is an online service provided by the First national bank. The service allows users to perform series of bank activities without going to the bank. This service is mainly to reduce the stress of going to the bank before performing any bank transaction. Cellphone banking can be used to do many financial activities like making payment, checking account balance and many more. Users of this service can also use it to purchase airtime for themselves, family and friends. You can also use it to transfer money to friends and family anytime and anywhere etc.

FNB online banking contact number / fnb contact information

You can visit their contact details page to lay complains, compliment and query the bank. To visit their complaint page simply click HERE. The customer also has the access to contact them on this number 087 575 0147. The customer service representatives are customer friendly, so feel free to contact them any time.