Flagship cinemas showtimes and official website


What is flagship cinemas

Flagship Cinemas is a private company that has been in existence since 1995. This company has it headquarter in Boston, Massachusetts. Presently, flagship cinemas operate theaters around the following places: Maryland, Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. The flagship theaters feature digital surround sound, seating of stadium, the digital projection and provide a comfortable atmosphere.

These flagship cinemas provide quality entertainment for businesses and families within the communities they serve. They also offer free movie on users birthday with proper ID. Also provides their Film Fanatic card rewards frequently with free movies at most locations. You can visit your local Flagship Cinemas theater for more information.

Flagship cinemas showtime

The flagship cinema showtime is a program on the official portal of this company. the flagship cinemas showtime gives the schedule to users on time a movie will be ready for customers. So the customers can choose their preferred time to watch the movie. With the arrangement of the page, the users have the access to select the time suitable for them. To purchase a ticket is customer friendly because things have been set accordingly. On the showtime page blockbusters, movies are arranged alphabetically for the convenient of their movie lovers.

Flagship cinema Eastpoint

The flagship cinema Eastpoint premium is a good and amazing part of the flagship cinemas. These flagship cinemas Eastpoint offers their customers some unique and special feature which other cinemas lack. Some of these features are: The reclining seat rocks provide for customers, You will enjoy the experience in this cinema and the affordable price of the ticket sold there. The seats there are nicely redone and very clean before another set of customers comes in. There is also a reserved seating which allows you to pick your favorite seat. There is no 3D up-charge and on super Tuesday all seats and all shows cost $6.00 only without any other charge.

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Flagship cinema Waterville

The Waterville cinema is located at 247 Kennedy Memorial Dr, Waterville, ME 04901, USA. There is great customer service here that provides a very good service to their customers. Customers are not allowed to some certain things inside the cinema. Although the food sold there are a little bit pricey but there is always an opportunity for a combo price. The combo price is not that pricey and it will reduce your expenses. You can check on their official website to get more of the benefits.

Flagship cinemas Churchville & Auburn

The Auburn branch is located in Auburn, Maine. These are some of the benefits enjoy by customers. The gift cards are always available at the box office. They now accept credit and debit cards for all purchases. The frequent customer enjoys the birthday bonus, just visit them on your birthday for a free movie. Note that they are not eligible for movies with a no-pass engagement policy. While the Churchville is located at  2408 Churchville Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015, USA. this branch has the same benefit as the Auburn branch.

How to download the app

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The easiest way to get the app is to download directly from google playstore. To download make sure there is enough storage and internet connection on your device. Simply click HERE to download the app on your Android phone and HERE to download on iPhones.

  • Open your browser, visit google playstore for those that don’t have google play store app on their device.
  • For those that already have should open your google playstore and search for flagship cinema. It will automatically search for the app.
  •  Click on the download button, after downloading install it on your device then you are good to go.
  • With this app, you can book a ticket as much as you want with just one click.