Fix: Jetpack has locked your site’s login for potential security violations

You are here because Jetpack Locked you out. Yea, kind of annoying to see such. Last time a client called complaining they have been locked out of their website admin’s page. Hmmm, surprise, because that is the first report we’ve gotten from our clients.

Jetpack has locked your site's login for potential security violations

However, we looked into it and found what the issue was and why Jetpack locked them out of their website’s admin page. However, I came to realize the following. Jetpack Claims the website was locked from site’s login page because of IP address 70.39…… was flagged for potential security violations. That you can only unlock your login by sending yourself a special link via email. Ok, it seems easy. After trying all registered email, no avail.

How to fix “Jetpack has locked your site’s login page”

Some of the things that must have triggered this are excessively trying to log in with either failed email or password. This must-have triggered the lock. Secondly, it could be someone who has tried to log in with your admin Username and password from random location.

However, this is a way of protecting all WordPress users since WordPress has been a major target for hackers.

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Method 1

This is how to fix the lockout from the WordPress login page. Kindly visit your or click HERE, log in with your connected jetpack account that is/was linked to your website.

At the top left, click on My sites => Switch Site => click on your website. Click Settings => Security. Scroll down to “Prevent and block malicious login attempts” if off, then turn it ON and input the IP address that was shown on the login page of your website. Once done, click save and you are good to go.

If you are unable to turn On the prevent and unlock malicious login button On, then Method two is your only option.

Method 2: Jetpack has locked your site’s login page

This method is 100% guaranteed to work. This method requires you have access to the backend of the website. You have to access your website files to disable Jetpack lockout issue via FTP. Let’s get started.

Jetpack has locked your site's login for potential security violations
Rename folder
  • Access your website backend files via FTP, you can use Filezilla or directly from your web hosting.
  • Navigate to your plugins. Website folder => wp-content => plugins. Rename the “jetpack folder” to “jetpackold” or anything. This will disable the plugins.
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With the above done properly, you should be able to login your WordPress dashboard. Once you login, kindly reinstall Jetpack plugin and navigate to Security and either turn it off or add your website ip.