Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Premium Features, Price, and all you need to know


Fitbit Premium Features, Price, and all you need to know. For some time now, the only thing that Fitbit charged for was just its devices as well as its Fitbit Coach, which is the standalone exercise app that provides guided workouts. However, in 2019, Fitbit released Premium, which is a paid-for-service that places a lot of features at the back of a paywall.

Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Premium is created and well-built to be an improved version of the great, free Fitbit app, however, it includes the workout programs formerly exclusive to Fitbit coach.

There are so many cool kinds of stuff in the Fitbit premium, however, the service is not for everybody. Keep reading to see more about the Fitbit premium.

Fitbit Premium Cost

The Fitbit Premium normally costs $9.99/AU$15.49 monthly. You can as well subscribe just from the Fitbit app by clicking on the Premium tab and also following the instructions.

Though it is not a low-priced service, however, the good thing is that Fitbit has expanded its free trial from 7 to 90 days. So, you can actually try it for 3 months, and if it is not your type, you can cancel it without paying any fee.

Fitbit Premium: Sleep Features

If you keeping tabs on your sleep by making use of Fitbit’s free app, then you are already receiving some nice data to consider, and even some inspiring bites of feedback.

In Fitbit Premium, you will be receiving 2 additional features which include:

  • A Sleep Score: This is a total number out of 11 that cherishes the quality of sleep.
  • The next one is a Restoration graph: The restoration graph displays the heart rate of your slumber and how much time you have spent turning at night.

Though, the sleep features are not so good enough yet to account for the Premium subscription, anyway, the available features in the free tier are great enough, no doubt.

Workouts and Challenges

Fitbit premium also gives you access to so many workouts inside the app, ranging from 15 minutes yoga as well as HIIT sessions to 30-minute dance and kickboxing cardio. Every of these comes in the form of a video that you can watch in the app and workout along. So handy for brushing up your form and keeping you inspired, mostly over those lengthy sessions.

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Each of the sessions is marked as “Easy, Medium or Hard” and it gives you details on the parts of the body you should be watching out for as well as the number of calories the workout should get rid of. As soon as you are through working out, you will be given an alternative to logging the exercise to the Fitbit app.


It is very worthy to take note that while the Fitbit premium draws in every exercise seen on Fitbit Coach, the Fitbit Coach app remains freestanding. and there are so many Fitbit coach workouts that you can actually do on your devices with the smartwatches of Fitbit. but, you will have to open the Fitbit Coach app on the smartwatch to do all of these, and they will definitely sync after.

Going back to the Fitbit premium, Fitbit also provides some unique “Challenges” that you won’t receive in the free tier. not excluding:

a custom challenge that enables you to set up your own step, distance, or even active minute challenge. the challenges of Fitbit are sure ways to engage with other users. (think of them as a way to inspire yourself, and others too.

Fitbit Premium: Guided Programs

if you eventually subscribe to Fitbit Premium, one of the first things you will come across is the Guided programs. the Guided Program is also one of the best features of the service because it is actually where you can easily fit your goals to those things that really matter to you the most.

There are so many programs to pick from. Not excluding one for kicking your sugar habit, one for receiving more sleep. And also one to assist anyone who is just involving in running.

Each of the programs runs for a particular number of weeks. And also each of them will enable you to select goals and reminders. To make sure that you are actually with the schedule. Let us take for example, “The Get more Sleep program” which lasts for 2 weeks.

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And allows you to set reminders to go to sleep, and even provides relaxing nature sounds to assist you in dozing off.

Whereas, the “Get Active program” will tell you to set up daily step goals. And also pick a day of the week to push yourself a little bit than normal.

Who is the Fitbit Premium for?

Well, we think the Fitbit Premium has got 2 exceptional features:

First, is the Guided Program (Read Above) which can be productive for those who are easily moved by health. And fitness programs or just those who need to keep being poked.

The second feature is the library of workouts which you can follow along. Most people find this feature a more inspiring form of exercise. And it is actually low-priced than having to start paying for a real class.

Nevertheless, Fitbit premium still feels a little bit rare. The health coaching feature which links users to trained experts is still yet to be launched. Not only that, the sleep tracking upgrades still aren’t worth it. For now, Fitbit Premium will be only helpful for people who simply want a little more structure to their fitness.

If after some months it is not working, you can cancel it.

Fitbit Premium feature: Insights

Insights are actually one of the best features of Fitbit premium, giving helpful observations about your activity and slumber too. For instance, it might inform you that your heart rate has been a little bit higher than normal. And recommend ideas to chill.


Fitbit will try connecting dots between various factors here. Like steps, sleep, heart rate, and many more for more modernized personalized perception. But, now, so many of these perceptions often feel too comprehensive.