FaceTime App for Apple and Android: Learn How to Use FaceTime on Android

FaceTime is an Apple video conferencing app that, like the majority of Apple’s other products, is only available on iOS devices. It is undoubtedly the most popular application among iPhone users due to its ease of use when video chatting.

facetime on Android

The good news is that Android users can now access FaceTime. You can, however, join FaceTime calls only via invitation links generated by Apple users. This implies that without an invitation link on Android, you cannot initiate a FaceTime call or use FaceTime.

Let us examine the steps

Facetime App on Android, How does FaceTime work?

As previously stated, you cannot download the FaceTime app on an Android smartphone. However, you can FaceTime with friends who own iPhones, iPads, or Macs using invitation links.

To communicate over FaceTime, you must first request an invitation link from a friend who owns an iOS device. Additionally, because it is a web-based application, you must have a compatible browser installed, such as Chrome.

FaceTime includes SharePlay functionality and a slew of settings, including the ability to hide/show video, muffle audio, switch between cameras, and create grid layouts. However, Android users are not able to access some of these features. The limitations should not disturb you because the existing capabilities should suffice to link you with your iOS-owning pals and provide a positive chat experience.

FaceTime is also compatible with Windows PCs because it works in a web browser.

On Android, how can I join a FaceTime call?

To join a FaceTime call on your Android device, you must first receive an invitation link from a buddy who is using an iOS device. They can share the link via their favourite messaging app as long as it is available in their share menu. If they require assistance in making the connection, please see the section below.

FaceTime is only available in Chrome, so if you do not already have it, download it now. To join the call after obtaining the link, simply follow the procedures below:

  • To begin, click the link that was emailed to you. It will open your default browser, which should be Chrome in this case. Otherwise, you can manually open the URL by copying and pasting it into a new tab in Chrome.
  • When the link is clicked, a blank spot with a request for your name will display. In the box that appears, type your name and then hit proceed.
  • The following screen will appear, complete with a green Join button. After selecting Join, the Apple user will receive an invitation to join. They must accept the Join request in order to be included in the call.
  • You’ve now joined the call successfully. A toolbar with various control options appears, including a full-screen button, a mute button, a show/hide video button, a flip to front/rear camera button, and a left button.
  • While the user with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac has more control options and functions than you, what you have is plenty for a thorough FaceTime session.
  • When your call is complete, press the screen to reactivate the toolbar. To end the call, click Leave.
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Accessing FaceTime via a browser cannot be compared to the app. Due to its simplicity of use. Nonetheless, the quality is excellent, and this is an adequate solution for connecting Android and iOS users over FaceTime.

On an iPhone, how to Create a FaceTime Link

On an iOS device, the procedure of creating a FaceTime invitation link is straightforward. This invitation link is the only way for your Android smartphone to connect to FaceTime. As a result, notify your iOS friend in advance and request that they generate and share the FaceTime link with you.

Apple users can create the invitation link using the instructions below:

  • Launch the FaceTime application on your iPhone by locating it on your home screen. Create a new Apple ID if this is your first time using FaceTime App. Sign in if you are already registered.
  • After the app has been launched, hit the create link icon to generate an invite link in the conversation browser. If you choose, you may name the link, but this is not required.
  • You’ve now created an invitation link, which can be accessed through the app‘s Upcoming section.
  • After discovering the produced link, click the button adjacent to it to access choices such as FaceTime, Share Link, and Delete Link.
  • Click on the Share Link icon to share the link with an Android friend. Select the recipient from the top row, or send the link via messaging apps like as Messages, Twitter, Mail, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.
  • The creator of the link has the ability to delete it, in which case it will not open when tapped.
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If you’ve been curious about how to video chat with pals who possess Apple products, you finally have the answer. You may now participate in the FaceTime frenzy using an Android phone or tablet. You can simply use FaceTime by using a FaceTime invite URL and the compatible browser Chrome.

The good news is that producing the link is simple on all iOS devices, so your friends won’t feel obligated to do so.