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Facebook Watch is a video-on-demand by Facebook. It is a service that merges the aspect of its video-sharing functionality with premium content. One amazing thing about the Facebook Watch is that it enables creators to send their short-form videos, as well as their long-form videos. However, it includes drama, news programming, and original comedy.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is totally free for those watching it. The reason is that it is monetized via ads break. Facebook Watch can be accessed both on Android devices and iOS devices. And to access the Facebook Watch on your Android device and iOS device, all you need to do is to locate the “Watch” icon right in your shortcuts bar or the “More” bookmark.

Also, Watch can be found on Samsung Smart TV, Oculus TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, as well as the Android TV. Also, take note that you cannot upload to Facebook Watch on your profile, you can only upload to Facebook Watch from a page. In that case, creating a public page account on Facebook is very necessary.

For Marketers, Facebook Watch actually means two different things. Which are how users consume and engage with that content, and how creators adapt the platform to their content.

Facebook Watch TV App

On Facebook Watch, you can discover videos and original shows on subjects like news, food, beauty, sports, and entertainment.

To be to watch these videos on TV, you will download the Facebook Watch TV App, or stream to a TV from the Facebook app.

How Can I Watch Facebook Videos on TV?

There are two ways you can actually watch Facebook videos on TV, here are the two ways:

Stream Facebook Videos to a TV

To achieve this, ensure your TV is connected to a streaming device and is on the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile device and find the video you want to stream
  • Tap the video to expand it to full-screen mode
  • Choose the TV where you would like the video to play

Download and Log into the Facebook Watch TV App

To download and log into the Facebook Watch TV app, here are a few steps to follow

  • Navigate to the app store for your television platform and download the Facebook Watch TV app
  • Open the app and click on Continue
  • A code will appear on your screen
  • To confirm the code that appears on your screen, open the Facebook app on a mobile device, tap the notification at the top. Click on Approve, then click on Continue.

What television platforms is the Facebook Watch TV app available on?

Like I said earlier, ensure your TV is connected to a streaming device. Here is a list of TV platforms that the Facebook Watch Tv app is available on:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV (4th generation or newer)
  • Android TV
  • Hisense VIDAA TV (2020 or newer for North America and South America)
  • Samsung Smart TV (2015 or newer)
  • Xbox One
  • Oculus TV
  • Portal TV
  • Windows 10 devices

Facebook Watch Shows

These are shows which you can view on Facebook. With Facebook Watch, you can be able to view shows that interest you. As they provide you with the latest and trending shows to keep your mind captivated. The Facebook watch provides streaming of videos which is hosted by Facebook.


The Facebook watch provides you with trending videos and movies that will keep your mind satisfied. And it is not different from Facebook or being a separate entity on its own. It is built into Facebook and can only be accessed through the main Facebook app on mobile platforms and the Facebook website.

If you are finding it hard to search for a particular movie or a show, just type in the name of the show. For instance, type “the great man of Nazareth”, and it will bring it up immediately.

There are shows on the internet that are hosted by Facebook, and you can use the Facebook watch to view those shows wherever you are. With the Facebook watch, you can demand any show you wish to view.

The Facebook watch allows creators to upload their own videos, both short and long-form. These shows include drama, comedy, and news programming.
The service is however free, but you must have a Facebook account to be able to access it.

Facebook Watch Live

Have you heard of the Facebook Live feature? There is now a live video streaming feature On Facebook. The Facebook social media platform is one of the best social media platforms in the world and this fact is arguable as the platform can easily be named the best in the world right now.

Facebook watch live is the social networks live video platform. It allows you to broadcast live to your family, followers, and friends as well, with the footage streaming on your news Feed

This platform is all in one platform. It is the most complete social media platform ever created for its generation. you can stream live video on the platform such as live sports events and any other type of event. You can also watch live soccer matches, award night, and much more

Facebook Watch Live is the official video streaming tool on Facebook. On this feature, you will get access to videos of your favorite groups and pages. You will also get access to live videos and TV series.

Another good thing about it is that it is an almost complete entertainment platform. On this platform, you can connect, watch videos, and even TV series. You can also stream live videos on the platform. With Facebook Live, anyone with a Facebook account, a computer, smartphone, or tablet can broadcast to all of their friends and followers

Facebook Account Create

It is important that you know that you will need a Facebook account, to make use of any of the Facebook Live video Features. If you already have a Facebook account, you can disregard this, but if you do not have a Facebook account, follow the steps below to set up a Facebook account

  • Go to Facebook Sign up
  • Enter your details in the spaces provided and click on sign up
  • Lastly, to successfully set up your Facebook account, verify your email address or mobile phone number with which you created your account with.

Facebook Watch Movies

Facebook has stunned the world of entertainment after launching the Facebook Watch feature on its app. The Facebook watch which carries varieties of shows, movies and series has turned to be the new Netflix or Facebook users. With the unveiling of the Facebook watch in 2017, Facebook has made its debut to be a platform for long-form videos and movies.

The Facebook watch movies feature a lot of interesting shows, series, and movie streams that can be accessed on your Facebook app. To start watching movies on your Facebook watch, you need to get a Facebook account. For Facebook users, it is quite easy to navigate to the watch feature. Once you have navigated to the Facebook watch platform, there are few ways to find movies and videos.


When you are on the Facebook watch platform you can search for the movie you would love to stream. The exciting part of it is that anyone can upload videos on the watch platform as far as you are registered. And movies are listed based on popularities and most recent.