Facebook Video Bugs: They blame bug for saving users deleted videos


What is Facebook

Before we get started, we have to know the meaning of Facebook for those that don’t know what Facebook is all about. It is an online social media platform. This site enables users to connect with your family and friends. The platform allows users to upload photos and maintain their photo albums which you can share with friends&families.


The platform supports online chat and gives users the access to comment on their friend’s pages. This is the best platform for interacting with family and friends for free. The service does not require any payment and users have the access to use the service at the comfort of their work and home. This site is one of the leading and best social networking website in the whole universe. You can simply click HERE to know more about this interesting website.


Facebook blames a bug for saving users deleted videos

Recently, Facebook has been caught archiving videos users thought they had deleted in the past. Do you know that when users delete an unwanted photo or video? Facebook automatically save two copies of that document to their server? The New York magazine just indicate the issue. This was discovered when a user downloaded their facebook archive. But they discover the ones that have been deleted for a long period of time also download.

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Although, the company has now issued an official apology regarding the issue. The company states that the culprit that has been preventing videos from being deleted was “a bug” in the system. The Zuckerberg company states that it was due to a bug that was in their system.


A lot of users that have deleted some unwanted video have been panicking lately. But the company already assure users that the company is in the process of removing the discarded video recordings permanently on their server.

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