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Facebook.com is a social networking service where users can register by creating a user profile, add other Facebook users as ”friends”,post status updates,photos/videos and life events, exchange messages,subscribe and like various applications and also receive notifications from the applications and when others(friends) also update their profiles.

Furthermore,after registering on Facebook.com,users get to share common interests either being organized by school,workplace,any topic. Users also get to categorize their friend list like for example ”close friends”,”coworkers”.

Facebook takes user privacy seriously which is why they added the ”Complain” and ”Block” buttons so that users can block spammers or stalkers etc.

Facebook Sign Up


To Sign Up on Facebook,you just need to follow these simple basic steps:
1. Go to the website which is www.facebook.com
2. There you will see the Sign Up form where you’ll be required to input your basic details like your name, email address or phone number, password, Birthday and your gender.
3. Then click the ” Sign Up” button.

After that,you’ll need to confirm the email address or phone number that you used to register where you’ll receive a text message or an email asking you to confirm your account by clicking a ”link” for email or by ”password” for phone.


Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg alongside his fellow Harvard college students and roommates, Eduardo saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes on February 4, 2004.

Facebook started out as a directory with photos and basic information which was then only limited to Harvard students.

However, Facebook began expanding to other Higher institutions in Boston and other areas like the Universities of Stanford,Yale and Columbia,Boston,New York just to mention a few before it became a global thing with a basic requirement of age 13 and above in order to be a registered member on the site.

Facebook Log in

As a registered user on Facebook,you can now Log into your account by inputting in your email/phone and password to connect with friends, family and other people you know.

Also you get to start enjoying the basic features on Facebook.com which i share them with you below..

Basic features of Facebook.com

One thing i like about Facebook is it’s basic features which i enjoy whilst on the site…Users get to do so many fun things on facebook ranging from tagging a friend, Creating a page, Joining a group, Creating an event, News feed, to Advertising. Don’t worry i will enlighten us below on some of the basic features users get to enjoy on Facebook on a daily basis.

News feed

This is a platforms which enables users see a constantly updating list of the activities been carried out by their friends. Some of the information users get to see on the ”News feed” platform includes changes being made on friends’ profiles, upcoming birthdays and events.

Although, this feature at first caused some uproar among Facebook users which they highlighted that the feature makes it easy for people to track their activities on facebook. However, Facebook have updated the feature with the right privacy features which users can customize based on individual preference.


This feature is made for bloggers. It allows easy integration of blogs from various blogging platforms such as Blogger, Livejournal, Xanga etc. The feature includes tags and embedded images.


It works more like the News feed. It keeps the user up-to-date on various activities he had engaged in. Also, It notifies the user when something has been shared or added on his timeline.

For instance, the user will receive a notification when a comment has been added to the article he had previously commented on.


This feature allows users to communicate with other Facebook users. Its functions similarly to instant messaging application, in it we have emoticons,other features include video calling, group chat, voice calling etc. Learn about facebook emoticons here


Facebook users can create or join various groups where they post comments and contents such as events, questions, links, media etc.
Groups serve as a way of bringing people together or as a way of reunion among old coworkers,school mates,employees,shareholders. Basically, there are three levels privacy settings for groups which includes:

  •  Open Group: This type of group allows the members of the public to view and comment on activities done on group without actually joining the group.
  •  Closed Group: This group does not allow its activities to be open to the public. In order to access this kind of group,one must first be a member by requesting to join the group.
  •  Secret Group: Here, nothing of this group is open to the public unless unless a user is being invited by a member of the group.


The event feature lets friends know about upcoming and past events in their environs and also to organize various meetings and social gathering.
Events can be created by describing what type of event it is, event name, location, start time and guest list.


The poke feature has no specific purpose. It is intended to attract the attention of another Facebook user.

Photo tagging

This is a cool feature which allows you to mention your friends who are present with you when you take a photo. The person you tagged will be notified about it and the photo will be added to your album.

This feature has gone under scrutiny by Facebook users where users complained that they’re being tagged in photos by people they don’t even know.
Well read this article on how to control who tag you on facebook

Listening with friends

This feature allow users to listen to music, also describing the tunes while on Facebook chat with friends. It can also be done on a group chat where one person can act as the disc jockey.

Live Streaming

Do you know of the facebook mention App? Facebook recently enabled verified VIP users to broadcast live video streams where users can comment on them real time on the news feed.

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