Facebook says it’s been asking Apple to allow people change iPhone’s default messages app for years now


Facebook is a well known social media platform where users can communicate and interact with their friends and loved ones. Not only that, but users can also share posts, upload photos, videos, and the rest.

Facebook says it’s been asking Apple to allow people to change iPhone’s default messages app for years now. With the newly launched iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Apple has finally agreed to a very long time request from customers. The company brought an option to change your default apps for browsing the web and also for handling email.


However, so many other categories of apps, just like music, calendar, messages. And the rest remain stuck on the in-built software of Apple. Well, Facebook is not so happy with that. Following the reports from The Information, Facebook is trying all it can to convince the makers of the iPhone to allow people to choose their own desired messaging app.

The comment of Stan Chudnovsky to The Information

Here is what Facebook head of Messenger, Stan Chudnovsky said to The Information. Stan said:

“We feel people should be able to choose different messaging apps and the default on their phone. Generally, everything is moving this directly anyway”. According to Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook has several times in recent years asked Apple to allow third-party apps to be the default messaging client.


What was Apple’s response each time Facebook takes the matter up? No, of course! The company was asked why Apple’s stance never changed and here was its response:

“The main guess is that messaging drives hardware sales”.

This is in all probability right on: The iMessage platform of Apple as well as the features it allows between owners of iPhone. Including the read receipts, Memphis, stickers and message effect, voice messages, reply/typing indicators, and so on are sure a driving factor in why people purchase and prefer using iPhones.

MacRumors to Facebook

As MacRumors suggests, allowing several other apps to be in charge of Messages would need important changes to iOS. Which of recent does not let third-party apps get SMS text messages that are being sent to the phone number of an iPhone.

And seeing that we are referring to Facebook, you would still have to consider the privacy implications. Even if the company has made for messaging, end-to-end encryption.

Not quite long, the news went viral that Apple will for the main time quit accepting it’s normal 30 percent cut from in-app payments for Facebook events online. This came in just after Facebook tagged Apple’s fee as disastrous to businesses trying to tolerate the economic toll of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The short term accordance will no longer be useful 2020 ending. Though it symbolizes a little win for Facebook, it is very clear that Facebook has greater goals and still wants to become a greater part of the iPhone experience. For those who want it as the company united its messaging platform between Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


As Apple continues to face investigations from policymakers and as well as increasing general criticism from developers. Facebook seems to think this is the right moment to pile on the constraint.