Facebook reinvents Facebook with the release of Campus for college students


Facebook reinvents Facebook with the release of Campus for college students. The company is going back to its origin with the release of a current product named the Campus. The Campus is a part of the major app which was particularly created and designed for college students.

The new product is created to be a section where students can communicate with their fellow colleagues at school. Students can gain access to a Campus-only News Feed and also join Groups, group chat rooms. As well as events known as Campus Chats, relating to campus life.

In a nod to the common Facebook, they will also gain access to a “Campus directory”. In the Campus directory, they will be able to find and as well as friend other students easily.


To easily gain access to Campus, Students are expected to present their .edu email and their graduation year also. As soon as they are in, they will now generate a new profile, particularly for the section. Anyways, both their cover photos and their normal profile will go along with them to Campus.

The students will as well be given an alternative to either include or withdraw their main, classes, dom, hometown, and unimportant. The more they include information, the more they will be able to meet classmates with similarities. This will of course, also give Facebook more data concerning what the college students are reading. And who they are communicating with also. And this notifies its ad targeting decisions.

Charmaine Hung’s comment about the new campus.

The PM of Campus, Charmaine Hung, mentioned that the team went for a different profile. The reason is that students might not want to distribute highly specific information about the college on their public profile.


At the moment, Campus is being conducted with 30 universities throughout the United States. Not excluding the University of Louisville, John Hopkins, Virginia Tech, Northwestern, and Vassar, though Harvard not included. These students won’t be able to relate with each other, and also with students from closeby colleges. Presently, Campus is made so that only those that go to the same school can see and communicate with each other.

Campus profile is guarded from Facebook proper

However, the profile of the Campus is no doubt guarded from Facebook proper. If a student has restricted someone on their ordinary Facebook, the setting will as well apply to Campus and vice versa. If a person goes against the community standards of Facebook outside of Campus. They will not be able to be a part of the section also.

Ex-students of the college will be permitted to remain on Campus, however, Facebook will send information that connotes they vacate Campus. The reason is that it won’t be very much important to them.

The Campus might be a way Facebook plans on keeping students and smaller people on the main Facebook app. And in touch for longer. Simultaneously, it is gradually constructing behavior Facebook mentions it is noticing already on the platform. Students have created Groups already for their interests, classes, and dorms. So Facebook is smooth-running the process and also taking more dominance over how students meet each other.


Yet, Facebook didn’t create any Instagram incorporation into the Campus pilot, which productively places up the Facebook app as the central Campus focus. As well as a complete qualification if really students want to meet or find their colleagues.