Facebook Marketplace Android – How to/Fix for Facebook Marketplace Android

Mikiguru teaches you how to browse the items sold on Facebook Marketplace and post to sell an item of your own, using Android.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace on Android

  1. Open the Facebook app on your Android.
  2. Click the store icon at the top. …
  3. Click Categories at the top. …
  4. Select a category to view.  Opening a category will open a list of all the recent items posted in the selected category.
  5. Search the marketplace for a specific item. …
  6. Click an item to view its details. …
  7. Click ASK FOR DETAILS on the item details page. …
  8. Click the Message button on the bottom-left.
  9. Click Save at the bottom. You will find this button next to Message in the lower-left corner.

Why is Facebook Marketplace not Working?

People would find themselves unable to log onto their Marketplace account to post. The reason can be flaw in the Marketplace verification system”.

Verification System

For people trying to post items for sale on Marketplace, there is a verification process. This is a  set up by Facebook as a way to confirm the identity of sellers and to protect buyers from fraud. This process involves uploading a picture as well as other details. This process usually takes a few days after which the seller can start posting straight away.

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A bug in this security feature is responsible for all the trouble that users have been going through. This makes a lot of sense as most of that effect got locked out of their accounts after submitting their details for verification.

How to Adjust Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook’s Privacy Settings allow you to specify who can see which types of information you have posted or shared on Facebook. While Facebook gives you control over what others can see on your profile, if you have any concerns or reservations about what can be learned about you, your best option is not to have a Facebook profile.

As a home business owner, Facebook is a better way to reach out and connect with your market all over the globe. If you want to use a Facebook profile, odds are you want some control over who can see what, and who can post what on your timeline.

Here are the steps for adjusting your Facebook privacy settings to meet your needs

Another option for accessing your privacy settings

  • click on the privacy shortcuts icon (it’s a lock with a menu icon)
  • next to the down arrow to access your account into the top right corner of your Facebook page.
  • From there you can select to have a privacy checkup, as well as choose one of the three options (who can see my stuff, who can contact me, who can look me up).

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