Facebook is paying people to close down their accounts ahead of election


Facebook, as we all know is a social media company, platform, site, website, whichever one you call. Well, it is a social media website where users get to interact, communicate, with friends and families. With people they know and even people, they do not know.

The social media platform allows you to send messages, share photos, videos, music, contents, and articles. It also enables users to share their thoughts as well as their opinions. With whosoever, they want or will wish to share them with.


Originally, Facebook was designed for college students in the year. The platform was created by Mark Zuckerberg, alongside some of his schoolmates during their stay at Harvard University.

Facebook pays users to close down their accounts

Facebook is paying people to close down their accounts ahead of the election. As part of Facebook’s latest study on how social media impacts democracy. This report was according to the latest screenshots that Elizabeth Dwoskin, Washington Post reporter posted on Thursday.

Facebook announced something in a blog post

Facebook also mentioned that it was working hands together with outside researchers to study the effect that its social media products have placed on society during the incoming US presidential election. The social media company is expecting that close to 200,000 to 400,000 users will go for the project.


As soon as they opt-in for the project, the company will now be able to see how they connect with its products. Not excluding Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook explained something in a blog post. The company said:

“To continue to amplify all that is good for democracy on social media, and mitigate against that which is not. We need more objective, dispassionate, empirically grounded research.

That’s why today we are announcing a new research partnership to better understand the impact of Facebook and Instagram on key political attitudes and behaviors during the US 2020 elections”.

The screenshots that The Washington Post posted on Thursday display an Instagram pop up telling users to choose how much money they would like to get to deactivate both their Facebook and Instagram accounts ahead of the US presidential election.

Facebook gave out options. And these options include $10, $15, and $20 every week as some users will be implored to disable their accounts for a week. While the rest might be asked to close down their account and evacuate the platform for close to a month plus, which is 6 weeks total.

Liz Bourgeous proved the company’s statement right

A spokesperson of Facebook also attested to the fact that Facebook would be giving out money to users who finish surveys or disable as part of its research Thursday.

Here is what the company’s spokesperson, Liz Bourgeous said in a tweet Thursday. Liz said:

“Anyone who chooses to opt-in – whether it’s completing surveys or deactivating FB or IG for a while. Will be compensated. This is fairly standard for this type of academic research”.


Following what Facebook said, the social media company doesn’t anticipate to declare the findings of its research until at least the middle of 2021, which is next year.