Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles | 5 Things you Should Know About Instant Articles


Today’s article is centered on Facebook Instant Articles. So kindly follow up in this article to see all you need to know about the Facebook Instant Articles.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook, a social networking platform is where users connect and communicate with people. Be it friends, families, business partners, etc. To get started on Facebook, you will have to have a registered Facebook account.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook instant articles popularly known as Instant articles is a feature from Facebook. It was mainly created for publishers for use with collaborating news and contents publishers.

If a publisher chooses an article for Instant Articles, those browsing articles on Facebook can see the entire article on Facebook. As well as formatting a very similar one to that on the publisher’s website.

The Facebook Instant Article was initially launched 12th of May 2015. But before the launch of the instant article, Facebook already met with some publishers. With the idea of instant articles in order to get feedback on time which would enable Facebook to create a product that will meet the needs of publishers.

How to create FB Instant Articles

Have you been finding it hard to create a Facebook Instant Article? Worry less because I would be listing how you can easily get that done in a few minutes. Below is how you can create an Instant Article:

  • Firstly, you sign up.
  • After you must have signed up, choose, or select your Facebook page.
  • After selecting your Facebook page, you will have to provide a URL you want to use for articles. Note that the URL you input is the URL for all your posts and even the URL for your blog. Examples of URLs are mikiguru.com, cinema9ja.com, urcartips.com, 247sportsgist.com, and so many others. To also claim your URL, you will need to add a meta tag to your HTML’s <head> tag (just like “https://mikiguru.com/”) and add the URL to your settings.
  • Now create articles and customize the styling of your article.
  • Once you are done completing the steps above, you can now submit it for Facebook to review it.

5 things you should know about Instant Article

Here are things you should know about Instant Articles:

  • It loads ten times faster on a mobile app than on the mobile web.
  • Monetization is 100%. That is making money from Facebook is easy and legit. And you can make money from Facebook Instant Articles in two ways. One is by selling your own ads and two is through Facebook’s Audience Network. Note that if you choose to go with the second option, Facebook will be claiming its pound of flesh (a 30% cut in the ads).
  • Email Sign Up Forms to Articles.
  • Smooth content sharing and engagement.
  • Facebook is connected to several Analytics Platforms. And they include Chartbeat, Simplereach, Google Analytics, ComScore, and lots more!

How to get started with FB Instant Articles

To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, you have to have a fan page, if you do not have a fan page, create one.
  • After you must have gotten a fan page, sign up for instant articles. Here, you will have to select the page you wish to sign up with and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Now set up the instant articles and connect to your site.
  • Install and activate the plugin, then add your “Facebook Page ID”.
  • Sign up for an account as a Facebook Developer and submit your articles for Facebook to review.
  • Sign up for Facebook Audience and insert your Ad Placement and wait till your application is being approved.

Setting up payments

To set up your payments, all you need to do is to go to your “Publishing Tools”, “Instant Articles Configuration” and then click on “Your Dashboard”. As soon as you are done, you should be able to see the option “Audience Network” (it is located on the left-hand side). Tap “Payout” and “Create/Select Payout”.

After you must have been done completing the setting up your payment method, you will need to complete the Tax Form also. To do that, go back to the payout section to see it. Download, complete, and upload the corresponding form (depending on if you are in or out of the United States).


That’s it! All you now need to do is to create/write your articles as you do always and share on your fan page or somewhere around Facebook. The more your traffic increases, the more impressions your ads will get, and the more money you get or make!