Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming: How you can Stream Games on Facebook Gaming


Today, we will be discussing Facebook Gaming and how you can stream games on Facebook Gaming. Before that, what is Facebook?

Facebook Gaming

Facebook is a website where you get to connect and interact with friends and families and even those you do not know. You can as well decide to open a business page on Facebook and start up a business. But to gain access to a Facebook page, you will have to sign up.

To do that, just go to Google Play Store and download the Facebook mobile app. After you must have downloaded it, install and get started by signing in and following other onscreen instructions.

Facebook Gaming

The Facebook Gaming which is now taking over other gaming like Amazon’s Twitch and YouTube Gaming was launched on the 20th of April. The App was said to be available only Android homes and not on iOS. It will be released for iOS devices by the Company immediately Apple approves it.
The app (Facebook Gaming) was built specially for gaming enthusiasts to discover content easily as well as connecting with other gamers to play interesting games (casual) online.

The app is easy to access and fun to play. Just give it a try and thank me later!

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The company has made so much sense by releasing the app during the lockdown. Why because now people won’t feel bored again (especially gaming enthusiasts) because there are now so many games to play.

How do I stream games on Facebook Gaming?

Streaming can be defined as the transmission or receiving of data (audio or video files) over a computer network from a server to a client.

So are you searching for how you can easily stream your game on Facebook Gaming? Below are the steps to follow:

  • To get easy access to new features, sign up then join the Facebook Gaming Creators Community.
  • Create a gaming video creator page. Or edit to include “Gaming Video Creator” as a category beneath page info.
  • Make use of either Split, OBS Studio Classic, or Stream-labs to set up the software.
  • Now create a scene in the software making sure that all the settings are right and in order.
  • Go to the creator dashboard so as to access your stream key and get the stream prepared after creating a scene in the software. Then go live!

How to follow a game on Facebook’s game streaming hub

To follow a game on Facebook’s game streaming hub, do the following:

  • From home, visit the Streams by Games category.
  • Look for a game you like and click on Add to Games button.
  • When you are done doing that, it will then add a link under Your Games section (at the left-hand side of the hub).
  • To now browse all available streams for the game, tap the link.
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How to earn money with Facebook Gaming

To earn money with Facebook Gaming, you have to:

  • Have up to 100 people following you on their page.
  • Be active for at least 14 days and stream on at least 2 days in 14 days.
  • Be up to 18 or higher.
  • Stream contents for at least 4 hours (in those 14 days).

After doing all that, visit your Creator Dashboard and opt-in for the Level Up Program. Now that you have joined the Level Up program, monetize your stream in order for your viewers to send you Facebook Stars.


For every star you receive or get, Facebook will pay you USD 0.01. To be paid heavily, you have to earn 10,000 stars (that is 100 USD). And also set up your payment settings.