Facebook Gameroom

Facebook Gameroom | Facebook Gameroom Free Download For Your PC


Do you wish to know more about Facebook Gameroom? In today’s article, I will be showing you what you need to know about the FB Gameroom and how you can easily download it. Before then, what is Facebook?

Facebook Gameroom

Facebook is a social networking website where users communicate and connect with other people or users.

Facebook Gameroom

FB Gameroom is a Pc gaming app for Windows created to enable users to play games (web, mobile, and native video games) without having to be distracted by the Facebook news feed.

One interesting thing about the app is that it consists of different kinds of games separated into several categories. And it is totally free to download.

The FB Game room interface is also user-friendly and it gives users the option to watch live game streams. Tho, the software might not be for hard-core gamers but it is sure a great delight for casual players.

How to Download Gameroom

Finding it hard to download and use the app? Follow the steps below

Here’s how to download the Facebook Gameroom:

  • Go to the search bar and type in “www.facebook.com/gameroom”.
  • After it must have been done loading, click on “Free Install“.
  • To now download and install the Gameroom, do follow the onscreen instructions.
    Note that to get started, you have to login through your Facebook account. But if you do not a FB account, create one to get started.

What games can I find on Facebook Gameroom?

There are over 60 Windows-native games on Gameroom. They include Empires and Allies, Pirate Kings, Path of War, Critical Ops, Might and Mayhem, Cooking Adventure, Sandstorm Pirate Wars, and so many others.

Install and play games directly from your PC

FB Gameroom has formerly known worldwide as FB Games Arcade is an independent PC app. It enables users to find games by recommendations, genre, and categories.

The app is only available for Windows 7 and above and it is a lite version of Steam. Which offers games that are usually lesser than 200 MB and even free!
It also gives rooms for users to install games directly to their PC. So that they wouldn’t have to start re-downloading web-based games every time.

Are there any alternatives to Facebook Gameroom?


Yes, there are alternatives to a Game room but most of them have been designed for ultimate gamers. Some of them include the Steam and Uplay +. The Gameroom might not be a good ideal for advanced players but it’s just the best for beginners and casual gamers.

Pros and Cons of using the Gameroom

Pros of using Gameroom

  • The Interface is user-friendly.
  • It enables users to watch live game streams.
  • The Games are separated by genre as well as categories.
  • It is totally free to download.

Cons of using Gameroom

  • The Gameroom is only available for Windows devices.
  • Smaller versions of games available.