Facebook Event: How to Create, Delete and Edit Facebook Event

Facebook has gone a long way in digitizing our social life completely. Facebook event is one in the line of features that allows users to carry out function from their device.

Manage facebook event

The platform, Facebook is number one by some margin when it comes to the social media platform. Because of the huge numbers of subscribers and the notable change in the way we live.

To create a Facebook event on your computer

  • On the News Feed page, click Events in the left menu.
  • Click the plus icon to Create Event.
  • Click Create Private or Public Event.

Private facebook events are visible to invited guests. Note The event cannot be changed from a private to a public event after creating it.

  • Enter the event name, location, time, date, and description.
  • Click Create.

You will be navigated to a place where you can invite guests and add photos and videos.

Editing an existing Facebook Event on your computer:

  • On your News Feed page, click Events from the left menu.
  • Click on the pen icon next to the upcoming event.
  • Thereafter, you can Change the name, location, time, description or co-hosts of the event.
  • Then Click Save.
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To cancel or delete an event:

  • Go to the facebook event page.
  • Click the pen icon to Edit.
  • Then click cancel event then Cancel or delete the Facebook Event.
  • Click Confirm.

Note that a notification will be sent to all previously engaged guest.

To remove someone from an event

  • From the News Feed page.
  • Go to Click Events
  • Then select your event.
  • Search for the person on Going, Maybe or Invited.
  • When found click X icon next to the invited button.

How to create a group facebook event

  • Go to the group.
  • Then, go to the Click Events panel.
  • Click Create Event.
  • Fill in necessary details and then click Create.
Note that once the event is created, You and the facebook group admin can opt to become the host of the event. For a small group, you can easily click to invite everyone. However, if the group is larger than 500, then add members individually.