Facebook Cartoon Avatars Setup App for Android

Facebook Cartoon avatars are now trending on the internet and even on social media. Facebook has made it a personal avatar sticker creator where you can make yourself just the way you want. These avatars are used to represent real people in the social media world. They are also used for reactions and expressions.

Facebook avatars

Avatar creator apps provide you with a lot of features that can enable you to construct yourself into a smiley face or angry one. There are a lot of avatar stickers all over the internet ready-made to use but it will be fun to make a personal one for yourself.

Facebook Avatar is currently not available in all countries, just in case the avatar features are not available in your country. We have a list of top android apps you can use to create your customized Facebook like avatar

Best Apps to Setup your Facebook avatars

Below is some Facebook avatars setup app.


This avatar creator is probably the best cartoon maker on android, it gives you the ability to make your cartoon to the finest quality, you can choose the style and color of hair you wish to use.

You can also choose the kind of face you wish for your avatar, it might be a smiling face or an angry face, it also has the crying features. The bitmoji app can be downloaded on the Android Playstore.

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Facebook avatars: Supermii

This avatar maker app has gotten a space on our list as one of the best. It enables you to edit your avatar in different possible ways. And it has the Japanese anime feature that makes your cartoon look nice.

You can choose the varieties of hair you want and also make your cartoon in different shapes and complexions.


The faceQ app is just one unique avatar creator app that helps you create yourself in the best way you can imagine. This app has a unique concept of creating an avatar.

You can marsh two or more faces to get a new complexion, shape, and beautiful avatar. FaceQ allows you to mold your nose, eyes, and mouth any way you want them to look.

Facebook avatars: Androidify

The androidify app is not literally used to make avatars, it is used to decorate created avatar. It is used to make a big picture of yourself and it can be used to edit your cartoon the way you want. You can also use the app to make your avatar in different ways.

Cartoon avatars photo maker

In this app you can customize your avatars face to different styles. You can also align your eyelashes and construct your mouth the way you want it to be.

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The app has stylish fonts you can use to express yourself in word, you can also make use of sunglasses and hats for your avatar.

Avatars maker: anime

The avatar maker app makes you create your avatar in a nice way, you can choose the background you wish to use. It allows you to make use of different items such as caps, eyeglasses, and jewelry. This app is also one of the best avatar makers and it’s also available on the android Playstore.

Anime avatars creator

This app gives an opportunity to randomly make your avatar or probably customize your avatar the way you want. It has fantastic clothes you can use to make your avatar look cute.