Facebook Bans Roger Stone from Instagram after Linking him to Fake Accounts

Facebook Bans Roger Stone from Instagram after Linking him to Fake Accounts


Facebook Bans Roger Stone:  Facebook released a new report. In the report, the company made it clear to the general public that it had closed pages and a network account. The network account is connected to Roger Stone and Proud Boys. Roger Stone is a confidant and a friend of Donald Trump.

Facebook Bans Roger Stone from Instagram after Linking him to Fake Accounts


The company did this after he had linked them to fake pages and fake accounts as well. These accounts were active throughout the election held four years back, in the year 2016.

The announcement Facebook made, included the release of its monthly report on disinformation on its own platform. Facebook linked Roger Stone’s Instagram account, as well as his Facebook account with a US-based disinformation network.

And this network had ties to the Proud Boys far-right organization, Facebook added. Gavin Mcinnes founded the Proud Boys.

And ever since then, members have really attended right-wing extremist gatherings. Just like the “Unite the Right” rally that was held in the year 2017, in Charlottesville.

Facebook stated that it closed down 50 pages, 54 accounts, and also, 4 Instagram accounts. For indulging in coordinated and non-authentic behavior in the United States.


Following what the company said, the suspects using the accounts would pretend to be residing in Florida. The person also would post and even comment on posts so as to amplify them.

The material which WikiLeaks released ahead of the presidential election in the year 2016 is not excluded.

Facebook mentioned something in a statement. He said: We first started looking into this network as part of our investigation into the Proud Boys’ attempts to return to Facebook after we had designated and banned them from the platform”. He added: “Our investigation linked this network to Roger Stone and his associates”.

Facebook Bans Roger Stone:  Stone’s Denial and Conviction

A statement was provided to the New York Times. In the statement, following what Stone said. He did not indulge or take part in any involvement in coordinated inauthentic behavior on the company’s platform.

Stone said: “The banning of individuals who may choose to repost things that I have posted is an even more extraordinary act of inappropriate censorship.

He further added: “I will bring immediate legal action against the corporate parents of the social media platforms”.

Stone’s Conviction

Stone was charged guilty Last November. The law court charged for lying to investigators, making false statements to Congress, and obstructing a Congress.

Though, the President of the United States of America, Donal Trump planned on forgiving Stone. Because they are both longtime friends.

Attorney General William Barr also went further to intervene in the matter so as to bring down the sentence term of Stone. However, he did this because Stone was very close to the US President.

Although, Stone was not the first and only public figure to be caught red-handed in the act of manipulating the social network. Thre was an investigation into fake networks in Brazil. After the investigation.


Facebook exposed so many accounts connected to Brazil’s President (Jair Bolsonaro) office, including his sons. However, they have been investigated for the attempt of running a criminal fake news racket.