Facebook Avatars Unveiling in India: How to Create Facebook Avatar


Facebook Avatar was launched in May 2020. It is a new feature that allows users of Facebook to create amazing avatars of themselves or cartoon-like images of themselves. Once you create these avatars, they can be used on comment sections, used as stickers, like messages, and you can also use them as your profile picture.

Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatars India: Create your own Avatar

  • Open your Facebook mobile app and log in.
  • Look for the menu bottom and click on it then click on the “See More” option.
  • Click on the Avatar option and tap the “Next” button.
  • To now start creating your avatar, click on “Get Started”.
  • Choose your skin tone for your avatar and follow the rest onscreen instruction.
  • To see what you are creating or how your avatars look, you can click on the camera icon to do see your avatar.
  • Now that you are done creating your avatar, click on the checkmark icon.
  • Then tap “Next” and click on “Done”.

How to access Facebook Avatar.

  • Open your Facebook mobile app and go to any comment section and click.
  • Find the “smiley” icon and tap.
  • The avatar option will be displayed. Tap your preferred avatar and send it.

Why can’t I see the Facebook avatar feature?

  • You can’t see the feature if your  Facebook Mobile app is not updated.
  • The feature is not yet available in your country.

Countries where the Facebook Avatar feature is available.

The Avatar feature is currently available in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, U.S., Canada. Although, the company is making plans to make the Avatar feature available in other countries. So, if the feature is not in your country, stay calm till it gets to your country.


How to edit Facebook Avatar

  • Open your Facebook mobile app on your phone and log in to your account.
  • After that, click on the “hamburger” icon in the upper right corner of your screen so as to access the menu.
  • Tap “Avatars”. You will see it under the “See More” menu.
  • Next, click on the “Edit” icon. You will see it in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Here, you can now begin editing your avatar by editing your skin tone, hairstyle, outfit, etc. Edit your Avatar to your satisfaction.
  • Once you are done, tap the checkmark icon located in the top right corner of your screen. You can also use the mirror icon to see your Avatar changes.

Now that you have edited your Avatar, you can use it as comments, stickers, messages and also use it on your profile as your profile picture.

How to use your Avatar on Facebook

Searching for how you can use your avatar as stickers, on comment sections, as a profile photo, or as a feed. Follow the steps I would be showing you below:

How to use your Avatar as Stickers

  • Tap “share as stickers”. It is located on the top right corner of your screen.
  • You will see various kinds of stickers. Select the one you wish to share and share it.

How to use Avatars in comment sections


To use Avatars on comment sections, follow these steps:

  • Go to any comment section and click on it.
  • Then click on the face icon.
  • You will see a colored face icon, click on it to see all your Avatar stickers.
  • Now click on the one you want and use them in the comment sections.

How to use Avatar as your profile picture | How to share your Avatar as feed:

  • Look for the arrow icon located at the upper right corner of your screen and click on it.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you will see two options asking you to either “share it as profile picture” or “share as feed”.
  • Since you want to use it as your profile photo, click on “share it as profile photo”. However, if you want to share it as feed, then you should click on “share as feed”.