How to Create Facebook Avatar: Facebook Avatar Setup 2020:: Facebook Avatar Creator


How to make Facebook Avatar: I’m very sure you might have been wondering how most of your friends get to create Amazing Avatars of themselves! And even those you do not know. Do you wish to know how you can create Amazing Avatars of yourself? Of course, yes! Here, in this article, I will be showing you how you can easily create Amazing Avatars.

It’s not all about creating an Avatar, you should as well understand what it is all about. So, what is Facebook Avatar?

What is Facebook Avatar?

Facebook Avatars is the new Facebook feature that allows users to create surprising Avatars and cartoon-like characters of themselves.

These Avatars can be used to communicate with other people and can also be used in comment sections. These customized Avatars are not restricted to other social media platforms. That is, they can also be used on other social media platforms to communicate.

Why can’t I access the Facebook Avatar?

You might be wondering why you can not create an Avatar on FB. Well, there are only two reasons why you can’t access the Facebook Avatar or create an Avatar of yourself. Below are the reasons why you can not create an Avatar on Facebook:

  • If your Facebook App isn’t updated to the latest version, then you can’t create a Facebook Avatar. So, to create a Facebook Avatar, make sure your Facebook is updated. If it is not updated, go to Google Play Store to download the latest version of Facebook.
  • The FB Avatar is not yet available in some countries. So if you can’t access it, then probably it is not available in your country yet. So I will advise you to keep calm and wait till it gets to your Country.

Now, let’s move on to how you can easily create a Facebook Avatar


How to make your own Avatar

Here’s is how you can create your own Avatar. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch your Facebook (make sure it is updated).


  • Then click on “Menu” (the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner of your screen).

FB Avatars


  • Now click on “See More” and then “AVATARS”.

Facebook Avatar


  • Then Click on”AVATARS”.

FB Avatar


  • Tap “Next” to begin your Avatar creation. Here you can now choose your skin tone, facial feature, hairstyle, nose shape, body shape, outfits, etc.


  • You might be wondering what your facial feature looks like while creating your own Avatar. To see that, just click on the mirror icon at the top of the screen.


  • After you must have been done customizing your Avatar, click on the “checkmark icon” to save your Avatar!


How to use your Facebook Avatar


To now make use of your customized Avatars, click on the “Smiley icon” in the comment box. Then click on your Avatar icon and send it!