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The Facebook Avatar is the Facebook new feature that allows users to create a beautiful cartoon-like image of themselves. Once they create the Avatar, they can use it on comment sections, on their profile and can also use it to communicate. You can also refer the Facebook Avatar to as a character or image that represents you when you chat on Facebook.

Facebook Avatar

To use the feature, you must be a Facebook user and your Facebook app must be updated.

Facebook Avatar Creator

So many people still mistake the Facebook Avatar for an app. No, it is not an app rather the Avatar creator is the Facebook app itself. Do not mistake the Facebook avatars for an app, it is a feature on the Facebook mobile app

So, if you do not have a Facebook account, there’s no way you can create any Avatars on Facebook. To create an Avatar you must have a Facebook account and it must be an updated one.

Though, there are still other Avatar creator apps like Apple’s Memoji, Bitmoji by Snapchat, Androidify, Boomoji, FaceQ, and so many others.

Why is Facebook Avatar not showing?

The Facebook Avatar isn’t showing because you have not updated your Facebook mobile app. And also because the feature is not yet available in your country. It is only available in countries like the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Europe, etc.

Facebook Avatar Creator

If you are still finding it hard to create your Avatar, follow these steps:

  • Open your Facebook Mobile App.
  • Click on the menu page and scroll down a little and click on “See more”.
  • Now click on “Avatars”, tap “Next”, and also click on “Get Started”.
  • You can now start creating and customizing your Avatar.
  • Begin by selecting a skin tone for your Avatar. Remember you are creating a look-alike Avatar of you, so take your time to create it.
  • You can now continue by choosing your hairstyle, face shape, nose shape, and so on.
  • As soon as you are done creating your Avatars, click on the “checkmark” icon. It is located at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Now click on “Next” and tap “Done” to save your Avatar.

How to Create Facebook Avatar on Messenger.

  • Open your Messenger and click on conversation and then the sticker options.
  • Now click on “Make Your Avatar” start creating your Avatar. Take your time to create a look-alike Avatar of yourself.

How to Use Facebook Avatar

Using Facebook Avatars as messages, comments, and stickers.

As stickers:

  • Open your Facebook then go to the Avatars section and search and click on the option that says: “share as stickers”.
  • Click on the Avatar you want among the one that will be displayed and share it.

As comments:

  • Tap the smiley icon on any comment section.
  • Then scroll down a little. To see your Avatars, click on the “colored” face.
  • Now tap any of the Avatars and send it.

As messages:

  • Click on the “face” icon on any message section.
  • Next is to click on “use an avatar as stickers”.
  • Then tap the “sticker” icon to see your Avatars and use it as a message.