Facebook Avatar 2020: How to make an Avatar on Facebook | Create Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar 2020: How to make an Avatar on Facebook | Create Facebook Avatar


Facebook has made it very easy for users to create Avatars of themselves instead of having to go download apps for creating their Avatars.

The Facebook Avatar is not an app, rather it is a feature in the Facebook Mobile app which allows users to create avatars that looks exactly like them. You might be wondering what an Avatar is.

Well, an Avatar is a graphical representation of a person’s image as well as the person’s character.

You might have also seen so many people creating and posting their Avatars on Facebook and other social media platform. Do you wish to create yours? A yes right!

Follow the steps below to easily create your Avatar:

Facebook Avatar Creator

Here’s how to create your Avatar:

  • Open your Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account, go download and install the app, then sign up to continue.
  • Now click on the “Menu” icon and also click on the “See More” option.
  • Then choose the “Avatars” option and click on the “Next” button.
  • Furthermore, click on “Get Started” and start creating your Avatar.
  • Choose your preferred skin tone.
  • Then proceed to select your Avatar hairstyle (you can choose to make it either short or long depending on your taste). After choosing your hair length, click on the “color” icon.
  • You can now proceed to choose the face shape of your Avatar and complexion too.
  • Also, choose your eye shape and continue by following the rest of the onscreen instruction.
  • Once you are done, click on the checkmark icon.
  • Lastly, click on the “Next” button and also click on “Done” to save your Avatar.

Why can’t I create my own Avatar?

One thing you should know is that Facebook Avatar 2020 is not yet available in all countries. The Avatar option is only available in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, U.S., and Canada. Though, Facebook is making plans to make the Avatar option available in all countries. So, do not feel sad if the feature is not yet available in your country.


The other reason is that your Facebook app is not updated. In order to access the Avatar option, kindly update your Facebook mobile app and enjoy creating your Avatar.

Using Facebook Avatar in comments.

To use your customized Avatar, go to the comment box and click on the smiley icon. After that, click on your preferred Avatar icon and then click on “Send” to send it.

Alternative apps to Facebook Avatar.


So many people might prefer an Avatar app on their mobile device so that they can easily access it any time. It’s cool, there are still other apps you can use in creating your Avatar and they include:

  • Boomoji.
  • Bitmoji (owned by snapchat).
  • Androidify.
  • Memoji (owned by Apple).
  • SuperMii.
  • FaceQ.
  • Xpresso.
  • Supermoji.
  • MSQRD (short form of Masquerade).
  • AR Emoji (owned by Samsung), and so many more!