Top 7 Best Facebook Alternative Apps: Trending Social Medias

The Facebook service has been restored, and everything is back to normal. That is until it isn’t. If Monday’s nearly six-hour outage taught us anything, it’s that Facebook – at least for some of us – exerts far more control over our lives than we realize.

Perhaps it’s time to think about letting go. After all, if a single technical breakdown can wreak such enormous havoc, consider what a longer-term malfunction may do.

The old proverb “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” comes to mind.

The issue began late Monday afternoon. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all went down shortly after analysts detected that BGP routes for Facebook’s web properties had been removed from the internet.

We’ll go over the top 7 Facebook alternatives in 2021 in this walkthrough.

If you’re seeking to switch up your social media and try something new, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Facebook alternatives in this post. Read through them and choose the one that best meets your needs.

MeWe Social App

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MeWe is one of the most feasible alternatives to Facebook. There are approximately 8 million registered users.

It has similar features to Facebook, such as groups, private conversations, tagging, content permissions, and so on.

Although, unlike Facebook, several MeWe features, such as increased cloud storage, encrypted chat, live audio and video conversations, pages, dark mode, and so on, demand a subscription charge.

The app is free of advertisements and does not monitor or sell your data. To learn more about the app’s features, download it.


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Mastodon is one of the most popular Facebook alternatives thanks to its large user base, user-friendly interface, decentralization, and community moderation processes.

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It is powered by open-source software, which enables anyone to manage their data and host servers.

Mastodon is ad-free, the feed is unsorted and chronological, and the system does not collect any information about you.


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Diaspora is an open-source project that anybody can use and host. Users can select a “pod” in which to save their account information and create an account.

On diaspora, there is no advertising, monitoring, or data-selling, and you can host your own if you want complete control.


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Minds take pride in putting its users’ privacy and security first. Unlike Facebook, Minds does not collect user activity data in order to construct an algorithmic activity feed.

Aside from user profiles, feeds, and posts, it has a lot of other features.

Minds reward its users with cryptocurrency tokens that can be swapped for cash or used to promote postings on the app.


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Telegram is a free cloud-based messaging service that can be used on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It includes everything from text to voice interactions with your friends and family. According to the firm, group text chats may be converted into audio calls that individuals can join and leave, with up to a few thousand participants.

You may limit who can forward your messages with your information, and you can add a username rather than allowing people to search for you using your cell phone number if you wish to remain anonymous.

You can schedule messages to be delivered at a specific time or when your intended recipient logs on for added ease. Telegram also allows you to edit your messages up to 48 hours after they are delivered, allowing you to fix bothersome mistakes and prevent autocorrect.

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Telegram takes up very little space on your phone because it is cloud-based. If you’re short on storage capacity, this could be advantageous. However, most people would want their texts to remain on their phones rather than on a server.


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LinkedIn is a wonderful social network for individuals who only want to post and keep up with recent firms, finance, real estate, and other professional issues.

It’s a great alternative to Facebook Marketplace, where you may look for and post job openings.


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Signal is open source, which means it’s both free to download and simple to use. Text, audio, and video chatting, as well as group conversations and the option to transfer files to recipients, are all available in this simple, secure messaging app. It works on both mobile devices and desktop computers, including Linux.

End-to-end encryption is enabled by default. So your messages, including voice and video chats – are secure and only the intended recipient can see them. That encryption is also well-liked; it is open source and based on the Signal Protocol.

Signal is ad-free and completely free to download and use. There are no trackers, so you may use it with confidence, knowing that your every move isn’t being watched. The app comes with a strong recommendation.