Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads: Complete Guide on how to Create Facebook Ads


Here, we will be discussing Facebook ads and how you can create them. But before Facebook Ads, what is Facebook?Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and was founded in February, in the year 2004. It is a social networking app that allows for very easy and fast connections and interactions with family and friends and also business partners.

Facebook Ads

The Facebook mobile app doesn’t only allow you to interact and communicate with people around or within you, it also enables you to get in touch with other people outside the country. People can be your relatives, friends, close associate, and even business partners.

Though, this app was originally designed for students who are in higher institutions or colleges. Mark Zuckerberg created this app while he was at Harvard University in the year 2004.

Facebook does not only allow you to communicate with people. It also enables you to share pictures, videos, contents, articles, share your memories and thoughts. The app also allows you to create awareness for your business brand. And on Facebook, you can create and manage a business page.

Creating a Facebook account

Before doing anything on Facebook or before you think of doing anything on Facebook, know that you must have a Facebook account. If you do not have one and you wish to create for yourself, do not worry. Because here, I will be showing you how you can easily create a Facebook account with ease.

To create a Facebook account, you will have to download the Facebook mobile app to your device. If you are using an Android device, go to the Google Play Store to download the Facebook app.

But if you are using an iPhone, you will have to go Apple App Store to download the Facebook app to your device. You can as well choose to use the Facebook account creator link to create a Facebook account. The link is “https://www.facebook.com/“. Anyways, follow the steps below to create a Facebook account.

How to create a Facebook Account

  • Open any web browser of your choice and enter “www.facebook.com/r.php”, then click on the search button.
  • Next is to follow the onscreen instructions. You will put in your name in the space provided for your name, your email, or your mobile number. Also, enter your password, gender, and date of birth.

Tip: When putting a password, I will advise you to choose a password that is very hard for others to guess. Possibly, use a password that contains both alphabets and numbers and even symbols if you want.

  • Once you are done with the above listed, click on “Sign Up”.
  • Then, confirm your email or phone number to complete the process of your account creation.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads allow advertisers to target their ads properly. Social media advertising is different from social media targeting. Social media advertising is the act of matching social network users to a target group that has already been specified by the advertiser.

While Social media targeting refers to a method of improving social media advertising. Through the use of profile data in order to deliver advertisements to users directly

Facebook Ads Creator – How to create Facebook Ads

Here’s how to set up Facebook Ads:

To create a Facebook ads campaign, you must be on the “campaigns” tab. Once you get there, click on the “+Create” tab in green color.

After you have clicked to create a campaign, follow the rest onscreen instructions.

  • Choose your campaign objectives from the list of Facebook campaign objectives. Choose a campaign objective that suits your advertising goals. Well, you might be wondering what a campaign objective is all about. A campaign objective is can be simply defined or referred to as the ultimate goal of your marketing campaign. That is, what you want to achieve in a marketing campaign. Your objectives alone keep your campaign on track. When choosing a/your campaign objective, make sure your objective is real, specific, achievable, timely, and measurable.
  • Then you choose a name for your Ads campaign.
  • Next, is to set up the Audience targeting.
  • Create your Ad placement. You can also edit your placements.
  • Then you set up your campaign budget and bidding.
  • You can now set up or create your Facebook Ads. Also, insert your ad images and copy.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is an ad management tool that is used to create, edit, and also analyze paid promotional Facebook campaigns.

However, Facebook just combined both the Ads Manager and the Power Editor into one platform. In order to make it very easy to create and watch or look after ads campaigns over various advertising platforms. Which is owned by Facebook, Instagram ads are not excluded.

Facebook Ads Library

The Facebook Ads Library is a platform where you can easily search for ads that are currently running across Facebook Products or active on Facebook products.


You can as well make use of the Facebook Ad Library to gather pieces of information about any ads you see or come across. To use the Ad Library, visit: “https://www.facebook.com/ads/library”.