Facebook Ad Boycott Organizers Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t go Well


Facebook Ad Boycott Organizers Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t go Well:  Civil Rights as well as the activist groups were not pleased with Facebook’s leadership after a meeting. The meeting was held on Tuesday with Facebook’s CEO (Mark Zuckerberg).



And also, some executives in order to talk about the demands of a bigger and wider advertiser boycott which includes hundred of brands recently.

People’s comment concerning Zuckerberg’s non-pleasing action at the meeting

The President of Color of Change, Rashad Robinson says the meeting was just a disappointment. Facebook showed up to the meeting expecting an “A” for attendance”.

Free Press is one of the people organizing the “StopHateForProfit” campaign and also a media activist group. It said that Facebook isn’t so much concerned about the boycott’s calls to action and feels reluctant.

Another person, Jessica Gonzalez (Free Press Co-CEO) also commented. Her comment reads thus: “Instead of committing to a timeline to root our hate and disinformation on Facebook.

The company’s leaders delivered the same old talking points to try to placate us without meeting our demands”. She also added: “Facebook approached our meeting today like it was nothing more than a PR exercise.”

Andy Stone, Facebook’s spokesman mentioned that Facebook has brought in new policies to ban vote and census abolition or elimination. Also, he removed over 200 white supremacist organizations from its platform.


The meeting they hold with ad boycott organizers and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t go well. Their meeting only lasted for an hour plus. They hold the meeting on Zoom.

The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, in the person of Jonathan Greenblatt, mentioned the above comment.

He further added that the only people present at the meeting were COO Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, members of the Facebook policy team, and Chris Cox, the chief product officer.

The campaign says Facebook should make soonest  changes on its platform

Facebook was given a list of 10 changes. Which relates to how it operates and also how it enables ads to run on its platform.

One of the lists requires Facebook to hire a C-Suite executive with a deep civil rights experience and knowledge.

So as to estimate products and policies for discrimination and also for hate and bias. The organizers are also asking Facebook to make a pledge to do regular and non-dependent inspections of misinformation and hate.

The company was also asked to delete all public and private groups that are based on violence and hate. And give hate-related and anti-bias training to all the moderators in the coming 90 days. The company needs to make a lot of changes, aside from the one I mentioned

It didn’t make any change

Facebook did not take any action, this really made others feel very disappointed. Including the president of NAACP, Derrick Johnson. He said for 0ver 2 years now, their conversation has yielded nothing.

Another person, Gonzalez also mentioned to CNN Business that her organization might never attend other upcoming meetings with Facebook.

She is really tired of all the fake promises from the company. She added: “I don’t know that I would sit down again until they’ve actually made some commitments”.


Robinson from Color or Change also added that what the company is displaying is just like you. “Going to a doctor, getting a new set of recommendations about your diet”. “And still not doing anything about it then you wondering why you’re not any healthier”.