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iPhone emoji keyboard is one of the reasons why most people buy the iPhone device. So far emoji is one of the best things that has ever happened to the iPhone market. iOS including iPhone, iPad etc has a solid in-built emoji keyboard. Although, you can download more keyboards on the apple iTunes as an alternative should in case you do not like the inbuilt one. The problem comes when choosing the perfect keyboard that suits your style. Note that these apps installs as third-party keyboards.

iPhone emoji keyboard

First download the app on iTunes, then configure the keyboard by simply going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard. I’ll recommend below some really cool iPhone emoji keyboard that currently trends between iPhone users and why they’re currently trending.

Cool iPhone emoji keyboards to download on your iPhone

1. The slash keyboard: Slash is a powerful emoji keyboard and it is compatible with tons of different applications. While using slash keyboard, you can press the ”/” to add or search for information from other apps like spotify, Twitter, Apple music and Giphy. The search function is pretty awesome and it’s totally free. But first you must enable its full access in order to benefit from all the slash keyboard’s features.

2. Emoji++ : Emoji++ was first released for iOS 8 and later the demand depreciated shortly after the release of iOS 9. I personally like Emoji++ because it is very simple and easy to navigate through every emoji. Its relatively similar to the default iOS emoji keyboard, the only difference is that you scroll vertically rather horizontally as displayed on the default iOS emoji keyboard. Emoji++ give users the privilege to create their favorite list which can be customized to display their preferred skin tone.

3. Minuum: This iPhone keyboard automatically corrects your misspells. It was built to be efficient and quick and it automatically master how you type. Although, it is not free and is currently at $3.99 but minuum gives users the value of their money and it has emoji autocomplete to back it up.

Currently these are the top 3 iPhone emoji keyboards that currently rocking on iPhone.

Want to know how to get the latest iPhone emoji keyboard on android? Read below…

Necessary Requirements:

  • A Rooted Android device
  • Custom recovery or Flash fire must be installed.

Step 1. Create a Full System Backup: This first step is very important. Before you flash your Android device, you must to do full Nan Droid backup. If you haven’t created a Nan Droid backup recently, it would be wise of you to do so now.

Step 2. Download the Flash-able ZIP: After you’ve created a Nan Droid backup, next step is to download the flash-able ZIP that installs all of the iOS 9.1 emojis on most Android devices.

Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP file, you will be faced with two options for installing it—custom recovery or Flash fire.

Step 3. Installing the New Emojis

I am going to use the Recovery Method like TWRP to install to install the ZIP file, Boot your device into recovery mode, push the ”install” button. Then, navigate to the download folder and select ”iOS9_1Emojis.zip file”. Then install..After installing the mod, simply reboot your device when you’re done.

Then Verify that the new Emoji work well on your device
Click on the link below to verify that your device now supports all the same emojis that iPhone users running on iOS 9.1 have.

Let us know in the comment section below your favorites emojis from the 184 Unicode 8.0 that your device now supports.

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