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Elon Musk says he has tested positive and negative for Coronavirus


Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of Tesla and the co-founder of PayPal said he has tested positive and negative for Coronavirus. According to Elon Musk, he took to his Twitter page to announce that he has received a mixed result. Saying he has tested both positive and negative for the coronavirus.

He also mentioned that he is having symptoms of a common cold. Elon Musk also made it clear that he was tested four times for the virus. Making use of a rapid antigen test. Two results said he tested positive while the rest two says he tested negative for the virus.

Elon Musk

Although, it is said that Musk is waiting for the results from two PCR tests. However, the results from the tests won’t be disclosed for 24 hours.

Wondering how the Antigen test works?

Well, the Antigen test works by recognizing a very little protein on the surface of the coronavirus. Although, the more detailed and exact PCR tests find the virus itself. You can easily carry out the Antigen tests because they do not need a laboratory to perform the test.

Also, the Antigen tests are often conducted in hotspots like the elderly care facilities or the campuses of the college. Some of the states do not even care about announcing the results of the antigen tests in their total case numbers. This is according to a survey by KHN, Kaiser Health News that was published in September.

Elon Musk Coronavirus

We all know that the deadly coronavirus has placed fear in the mind of so many people.  This virus is perilous, and it causes several illnesses that could even lead to the death of an individual if not handled on time.

The old are most likely prone to contact this virus because of their weak immune system.

Symptoms of the coronavirus include dry cough, fatigue (tiredness), fever, difficulties in breathing, and most cases, organ failure. This virus is also said to lead to or cause pneumonia if not properly treated. And the recovery depends on the strength of the individual’s immune system.


So that is why we are advised to take safety precautions. And always make use of our face mask to limit the spread of the virus.

Elon Musk Twiiter Coronavirus

Below is a screenshot of what Elon Musk twitted on his page on Twitter concerning the coronavirus:

Elon Musk’s Comment

Furthermore to saying “something extremely bogus is going on” Tesla’s CEO says that his experience is likely passed out by others. And also helping to the ongoing spike in cases witnessed in the United States and abroad. He as well replied “exactly” to a tweet claiming that “revenues from tests are likely not bogus”.

However, following what the FDA said:

“Positive results from antigen tests are highly accurate, but there is a higher chance of false negatives”.

That is the more reason PCR tests are required to stop the dissemination of the coronavirus. Because of an untrue negative. One of such antigen test from Quidel can 85% of the time discover the coronavirus. Elon Musk made it clear that his own antigen test was from BD.

Elon Musk has been sending out outright misinformation

Tesla’s CEO is said to have been spreading out confusion, doubts, and even misinformation concerning the coronavirus. He has as well blamed doctors for increasing the number of cases for financial reasons.

Encouraged a largely undermined paper on the usefulness of chloroquine known as “shelter-in-place orders “fascist”. And as well closed panic related to the pandemic as “dumb”. In March he projected no new cases by April ending.

The United States of America is said to be seeing new cases of the coronavirus. After a week of reporting approximately 100,000 cases in a day. Also, the public health officials recorded new cases of 160,000, following the report from the New York Times.


Furthermore, the hospitalization for the coronavirus also made a record of 67,096 on that same day. Following a report from the COVID Tracking Project. With the number of deaths increasing to over 1,000 on average every day.