Ellipal Wallet Review 2021 – Ellipal Wallet Supported Coins & Features

Hardware wallets are small, portable devices that have grown in popularity to the point where large firms such as Blockchain and Sony are launching their own.

In an age when standalone devices are being phased out in favor of smartphones and a plethora of apps, hardware wallets defy the trend. They are mainly reserved for individuals that exercise caution when it comes to the security of their cryptocurrency accounts.

Ellipal Wallet

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency trading, there has been an increase in concerns about stolen phones and apps infected with malware.

The only truly secure solution is to completely disconnect the bitcoin wallet from the internet, which is where Ellipal’s “The Cold Wallet 2.0.” comes in.

The device touts itself as the world’s safest hardware cryptocurrency wallet. This review will evaluate whether or not that is true.

Ellipal Wallet – Overview

Ellipal Wallet, also known as elliptic curve cryptography + pal, is a new generation crypto wallet that is likely a more secure and user-friendly alternative to the Trezor. It runs in the background and has a tendency to guard against potential network threats.

Ellipal is an attractive option for those seeking a substantial, secure, and attractive gadget with an intuitive UI that enables them to keep a private key in the crypto wallet either by making it or importing it.

Ellipal Wallet – The Company

Ellipal’s official website contains little information on the company, which was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Additionally, there is scant information on the founders, which raises some concerns.

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The Ellipal Device at First Glance

It lacks electrical connectivity and communicates via QR code scanning via the camera. For just $149, Ellipal secures the Bitcoins by encrypting the private key, rendering them unhackable. It is segregated from any web-connected device due to its remote functionality.

Ellipal’s source code is available in part via a Github repository that demonstrates a cross-chain wallet system. At first appearance, the device appears to be larger than the Ledger and Nano X and has a plasticky body.

The mobile app that works with the gadget is reasonably well-built, with a simple setup process and account password protection.

In comparison to other hardware wallets that require a connection to a computer to recharge, Ellipal includes a micro USB cord and an internal rechargeable battery. Ellipal is a spectacular example of a hardware wallet as a product.

Ellipal Wallet – Supported Coins

The Ellipal crypto wallet supports a limited number of coins, but the majority of coins are robust and popular, including BTC, BCH, ETC, ETH, XRP, and LTC. Although the number of coins is limited, the maker adds new ones each month and ensures their security. ERC20 tokens are now also supported by the device.

Ellipal Wallet

Features and Services

Internet Perhaps the nicest aspect of the Ellipal cold wallet is its isolated storage. It will refuse efforts to connect it to the internet, which is effectively the only way to ensure absolute security and the protection of a user’s private key. It is not 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB compatible.

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Ellipal integrates seamlessly with iOS and Android devices via companion apps that let users manage their accounts, receive real-time crypto-trading and market information, and connect to the majority of exchanges via their smartphone.

This all-in-one app requires a two-tier verification method to gain access to the wallet that initiates the transaction without losing convenience or security.

The Ellipal wallet features a 4-inch touchscreen for improved interface and usability, which is critical when managing assets visually as well as physically.

It enables users to avoid malicious activity or the need to repeat tedious tasks when maintaining and transferring crypto assets. Ellipal also includes quick recovery options and an auto-wiping mechanism that wipes all data from the device in the event of a security breach.

That data can then be easily restored using 12-word mnemonics on another Ellipal device.


Ellipal is a portable electronic gadget designed to keep your bitcoin secure even while connected to a computer infected with suspected viruses.

It is designed with security in mind, offering an offline operating environment with encrypted private keys. Overall, it’s a functional device with attractive hardware and a well-designed software and app.