Ebates amazon Review Get your cash back for shopping – Learn more

This article is a review about Ebates Amazon. Most people want to do some online shopping but have the least idea what to do or how to go about it. Hope this article gives you a clue or helps you out.

Ebates amazon Review

Ebates Amazon Review

Ebates is a marketing website that offers you cash back for shopping through their stores that they have an affiliation with. This amazing website offers cash or discounts to buyers who purchase from any of the company’s affiliated stores. This discount offer is only possible when you buy through Ebates.com.

Ebates isn’t exactly a shopping website on its own. They act as a kind of middlemen between buyers and the selling companies. They get commissions for referring you to sellers to buy from. Then when you’ve purchased the goods, Ebates splits the commission paid to them into two.

One part of the commission is for Ebates, while the other half goes to you. That means, they pay a certain percentage of every purchase you make through them to their affiliated companies. The marketing website also works for purchases made in person, so far you went through referral.

As of May 2017, Ebates has affiliations with more than 2,000 online stores. Even if you do not shop with all of them, you still have a large range of stores to choose from. Some of these stores include big-name retailers like;

Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Amazon, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Walmart, RiteAid, Petco, Old Navy, Priceline, Orbitz.com, Expedia.com, Dicks, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many others. It is totally free to use Ebates.

How does Ebates Amazon work

The process of using this marketing website is very easy. The buyer goes to Ebates.com, searches for a store from which he wants to shop. Then, click the “shop now” icon, and buy stuff from the online store. Once you buy anything, a percentage of the purchase reflects in your Ebates account. For instance, if the marketing website offers 10% cash back for buying goods at Macy,s and you purchased something worth $1000, you’ll get %100 in cash back.

To shop through Ebates, you have to sign up with an email address. Then you’ll be told to choose a gift card worth $10. Once you make a complete purchase of $25 or more, your gift card will be sent to you. When you sign up to Ebates, consider being paid in PayPal. For this to be possible, when you are signing up to the marketing website, sign up with your PayPal email address.

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When you log in to your Ebates account, you’ll see some stores that you can shop from. But if you don’t see a store that you prefer, click on “All Stores” to view the full list of stores that you can buy from. You can click on a link referring you directly to an online shopping store or you can install an Ebates Cash Back Icon on your browser. The former requires you to sign in to Ebates every time you shop. When you’re done with your purchase, your percentage will be added to your account automatically. This occurs within one to seven days.

Ebates Amazon Cash Back Button Extension

The easiest way to take advantage of the marketing website’s is through the ‘Ebates Cash Back Button Extension’. This will be seen on your web browser. When you’ve installed the cash back button, an icon will be displayed on any site that offers Ebates cash back. When this is done, click the button before you start buying things. This saves you the stress of going to the marketing website first.

This installed extension searches for and applies coupons when you check automatically. It also adds more savings.

Earning money from Ebates

Customers can earn money with the marketing website’s Cash Back Visa Credit Card. With this card, customers can earn a 3% extra cash back when they use the card in making a purchase. They also make an additional 1% if they use the card where Visa is accepted. This Cash Back Visa Credit Card is totally free. No fees are charged, not even an annual fee. But interested customers must have a good credit score for eligibility to apply for it.

Another way to earn money from Ebates is through referrals. Apart from the cash back customers receive from their online purchases, they can also get money from referring people to Ebates. Customers get $50 for referring two friends and $5 for an additional friend. Customers earn one referral point per person referred, provided that the customer’s referral has an active account. This means that the customer’s referral has to make the eligible purchase of at least $25 within 3 months (i.e, 90 days) of becoming a member.

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How to get paid by Ebates Amazon

The marketing website gives you cash quarterly and refers three ways through which you can be paid. Once your balance is over $5, the website’s payment options include:

  1. Sending your check to a person or charity home recommended by you.
  2. Sending you a check to the address you put in the file.
  3. Depositing your payment into your PayPal account.

The Amazon Ebates payout chart

[mk_table style=”style1″]

Purchases posted between Check Sent
Jan 1 – Mar 31 May 15
April 1 – June 30 August 15
July 1 – Sept 30 Nov 15
Oct 1 – Dec 31 Feb 15



How to join Ebates.com

Step 1: It is absolutely free to be a member of the Ebates Amazon website. On the signup page, select your signup bonus. You have the privilege to choose between a $10 Ebates cash bonus and a $10 Walmart Gift Card.

Note: The above signup bonus may change by the time you read this post.

Step 2: This is part of the signup process. You can sign up with either your Google account or your Facebook. You are also allowed to use your email address and password. When you’ve filled in your information, confirm that you are not a robot. Then click the “Join” button and you’re registered.

It is possible for anyone to join, even those living in other countries apart from Canada or the United States. All you have to check is if any of the affiliated stores shipped to where you live. Also, you must be 18 years or older to be registered.

Facts about Ebates Amazon

  • Number of merchants: 2000
  • Bonus signup offer: $10
  • Payout methods: Check, PayPal, charity
  • Average payout period: 3 Months

Ebates Amazon is a great website to shop with. For more information, visit Ebates Amazon at www.ebates.com