DxSale: Everything You Need to know about DXsale.app

Dxsale makes it simple to create a Utility token. When the token journey is taken into account, this decentralized token management platform improves the user experience.


What is Dxsale?

This is a platform that attempts to make it as simple as possible for users to build their own utility tokens using daap. The DxSale network was launched.

In August of the last year. Its goal is to create a decentralized token management platform that can handle the whole life cycle of utility tokens. The DxSale ecosystem is designed to be blockchain agnostic and decentralized.

This protocol has an abundance of tools that make it simple for users to produce or tokenize their assets. These solutions emphasize “flexibility, real decentralization, and automation” in order to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to newcomers.

This platform makes producing a token very simple. All the user has to do is fill out a form with information on their token, and the DAO will handle the rest.

Some Key Features:

  • The creation of a utility token
  • Using a token to raise finance for a business
  • Once IDO is finished successfully, automatically lock team or LP tokens.
  • Listing in the DexCore Products

DxSale’s one-stop token ecosystem is made up of a variety of products. DxStake, DxLaunch, DxSwap, DxLock, DxFarm, and DxNFT are among the features that have been developed or are currently being developed.

These technologies will combine to make DxSale one of the most important DAOs, allowing organizations and people to easily establish tokens and manage their life cycles.


Users can stake $SALE with DxStake, a scalable staking solution. DxStake will continue to expand its yield prospects as more features and users are added.

Users that hold the native DxSale $SALE token will be eligible for airdrops from DxLaunch token sales, as well as a percentage of the money generated by each Dx product. Users can stake their $SALE on the Ethereum network right now.

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To encourage customers to stay in the staking contract, those that stake the contract will charge a 2% cost to stake and an 8% fee to unstake. Staking costs are split in half and permanently burned, with the other half going to $SALE stakes.‍


One of the most important aspects of the DxSale ecosystem is DxLaunch. This product enables token listing that is both smooth and permissionless.

DxLaunch is designed for the average user, making the token listing process accessible to all. Users will be able to manage their token’s lifecycle, including listing, minting, initial liquidity, and governance, using DxLaunch.

This functionality is in line with DxSale’s main goal of enabling anyone to create a token, raise funds, lock it, and list it on the top decentralized exchanges.

The DAO also has built-in vetting capabilities to keep rogue players off its launchpad. The platform is working constantly on ways to provide more tools for investors to make better investments.

This platform also has a De-Fi start option that enables further customization for people who want a more hands-on experience. This includes additional marketing as well as specialized tokenomics parameters. Here you can find the DxLaunch and Defi launch products.


On token sales, DxSale additionally provides an instant time lock mechanism. This feature ensures that investors are safe because the DxSale DAO can lock developer funds or part of the funds.

DxSale did this process seamlessly instead of token creators worrying about time lock coding and security. In general, DxLock is another product that makes DxSale’s ecosystem a one-stop-shop.‍

DxSwap and DxFarm

DxSale intends to integrate its own decentralized Automated Market Making exchange into its ecosystem. Users will be able to swap tokens directly on the DxSale platform and earn liquidity bonuses as a result.

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Users will be able to stake liquidity tokens (obtained by supplying liquidity to DxSwap) to win incentives on the DxFarm. Because they will be able to advertise tokens directly on their AMM, this AMM and yield farming mechanism will truly make the DxSale ecosystem a one-stop shop. Because these improvements are set to be launched in late 2021, there isn’t much information about them yet, so stay tuned for updates.

Binance Smart Chain

Following its chain-agnostic concept, the DxSale network has launched on the BSC. The DAO decided to deploy their DxLock and DxLaunch products after noticing a spike in the number of users on the chain and many recent rug pulls. After noticing that their ecosystem services were needed, the DAO immediately merged on the BSC.

Using the DxSale ecosystem, anyone can now easily develop a token, raise funds, and lock liquidity in PancakeSwap. While the DAO was able to move to the BSC in a couple of days, many other projects are still experiencing delays. It is currently the only product on the BSC network that provides a comprehensive token ecosystem.‍


The DxSale DAO has uncovered and exploited a weakness in the existing De-Fi environment. The DxSale ecosystem seeks to make it simple for users to build their own utility tokens with a single daap.

DxSale can alleviate the pain that a typical user would experience while attempting to list their own token. In short, this ecosystem delivers much-needed infrastructure to the De-Fi landscape, making it simple for new protocols to create utility tokens.