DStv Self Service, packages and Online Payment Guide

DStv is a leading satellite cable TV service from MultiChoice and its head branch is located in across Africa. The cable service is one of the cheapest pay TV packages. With its coverage range, they never seem to lose focus in providing quality service to its users.

dstv multichoice dstv - self service online payment

They have innovative services like a mobile TV service, HD channels, and HD PVR decoders. They’ve also made it possible for users to pay for their services at home. DSTV Compact Plus package has been added to their provisions; this is targeted at sports lovers.

www.dstv.com Review

MultiChoice launched DStv (Digital Satellite Television) in 1995. DStv’s services extend to Sub-Saharan Africa. The cable service offers many bouquets to MultiChoice subscribers and they provide movies, sports, children, music, lifestyle & culture, religion, documentaries, consumer channels, news & commerce and general entertainment.

This digital satellite has 8 million subscribers with the majority being Nigerians and SouthAfricans. These two countries are considered the most important market by DStv, though countries like Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe do not have many subscribers. However, these countries with a low number of subscribers are also a focused view for the cable service.

DStv Decoders

The following are the list of the DStv decoder and brief description on things you should know. Compare before making a buying decision.

Standard decoder

This is was introduced in 2014. It has a Xtra capability where it can be linked to the HD EXPLORA, HD PVR or itself. It is DStv’s entry-level HD single view decoder.


This DStv’s top spec decoder was released in 2013. It can record and watch one channel only. This is an improvement on the old HD PVR decoder with more memory capacity.

Despite its updated features, it still has frustrating bugs. Sometimes, the decoder skips the first episode of a movie, gives false names, titles, and details of the movies. This frustrates users. The cable network has not announced a schedule for the repair of these flaws.

Explora 2

This is the next generation of PVR decoder and the reason for its development is to take the place of the decoder gradually. It was released at the end of 2016. One flaw of this decoder is its reduced hard drive space (1 terabyte).

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But to compensate for that, it has an implemented efficient video encoding (HEVC aka H.265), a greater compressing technology to aid offset data consumption.

The remote for this decoder is an A7 with backlit buttons for night views. The remote serves as a universal remote for the TV and also has a low battery detection ability.

The Drifta decoder

This is a mobile decoder that gets a DVB-H signal, converts it to Wi-Fi, and then sends it to a Wi-Fi enabled viewing device which can be a laptop, PC, tablets or cell phones. For this decoder to work, it must be within a DVB-H coverage.

At the purchase of this DStv decoder, you get

  • Battery
  • USB Cable
  • Drifta Device
  • Power Adapter

Features of the DStv Nigeria Drifta Decoder

  • Access to the Mobile TV Guide
  • Light-weight, small and portable
  • It is rechargeable with 3 hours of viewing
  • Can connect to your device via USB or Wi-Fi
  • Broadcast Mobile TV on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone

DStv Guide Slogan

1995-2014: So Much More

2014-present: Feel Every Moment

DStv Self Service – Payments (How to pay Online)

To pay your subscription bills without going to any DStv’s outlet, do the following:

Payment link from MMS or SMS: When the cable services send you a text reminding you to renew your subscription, a link will be at the end of the text. Users can click on this link to make an instant payment via your cell phone.

Credit Card: Users can make payments at any of the cable service agency or service centre. However, you can set your credit card to serve as Self Service.

Set up a credit card debit order payment and the satellite server collects the monthly fee due on your DStv account. Make use of your eight-digit DStv customer number as the receiver. Users can also make once-off credit card payments.

Take note that the cable service does not accept Diners Club payments.

Self Service – Direct Deposit (ABSA): Users can pay at the following places;

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1. Absa ATM: MultiChoice is already recognized as one of the service providers. Just choose your options on the machine and follow the instructions to pay. SMS your Smart Card number to 31401 or dial *120*68584# or better still get the amount due for payment online.

2. Absa Branch: MultiChoice is already an approved beneficiary. Just give the bank teller your eight-digit MultiChoice customer number.

ATM: When paying your bill via an ATM, be sure to add MultiChoice as beneficiary on your bank account. Use your eight-digit MultiChoice customer number as the beneficiary/payment reference.

DStv decoders and prices

Decoders Only:

Explorer Plus Compact Bouquet (Full kit) – $80 (N29,900)

Zapper Plus 1 Month Compact Plus Bouquet (Full kit) – $36 (N13,500)

Zapper Plus 1 Month Compact Bouquet (Full kit) – $27 (N9,900)

Decoders with installer delivery:

Zapper Plus 1 Month Compact Plus Bouquet (Full kit) – $36 (N13,500)

Explorer Plus Compact Bouquet (Full kit) – $80 (N29,900)

Explorer Plus Premium Bouquet (Full kit) -$104 (N38,300)

DStv Nigeria – Available Packages

  • DStv Great Wall – $3 (N1000)
  • ” FTA Plus – $4 (N1,600)
  • ” Access – $5 (N1,900)
  • ” Family – $10 (N3,800)
  • ” Indian – $13 (N4,800)
  • ” Compact – $17 (N6,300)
  • ” Compact Plus – $27 (N9,900)
  • ” Premium – $38 (N14,700)

 Nigerian DStv Customer Care for the cable service

  • 08113630333 – Glo
  • 08149860333 – MTN
  • 07080630333 – Airtel
  • 09090630333 – Etisalat

DStv Profile

  • Name: DStv
  • Type: Public
  • Industry: Pay Television
  • Founded: 1995
  • Owners: MultiChoice
  • Headquarters: Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa
  • Areas served: Sub-Saharan Africa (Africa excluding North Africa)
  • Products: Direct Broadcast Satellite
  • Services: Television
  • Website: www.DStv.com

For further inquiries, visit the website Click HERE to visit their website