Download Xender App for Windows, PC, Android apk and web xender

Xender is an application that transfers files between devices with a lightening-like speed. There are other applications with the same purpose, but the application is one of the best in almost all ramifications.

Download Xender App for Windows, PC, Android

Xender Review

This application connects smartphones to transfer files and different applications. Xender was founded by the Xender Team formally known as This app is available on; Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows and PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring. This application is available in 22 languages.

This application was initially released in Asia, China to be precise. The release was in 2012 and the name was formally Shan Chuan. Although it was called Flash Transfer outside China. The app’s name was changed to Xender in 2013 when it became available in other languages.

This application makes use of WiFi when transferring files. It became the most preferred file transfer app months after its arrival. Xender’s transfer speed is much faster than Bluetooth’s. To use this application, there is no need for USB connection and PC software installation. The highest speed it can attain is 10M/S.

This application supports cross platform transferring. It also simplifies connections of tablets & PC/Mac & phones. It also allows the transfer of files between iOS, Android, Tizen and Windows operating systems; an impossibility for some other file transfer apps.

Xender is available in the following languages:

Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Xender’s transferable files

  • Games
  • Musics
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Applications
  • Text messages

Virtually everything is transferable in this application, but both parties (sender & receiver) must have the application on their phones.

How to transfer files using this app

When you want to send files using the application:

  1. Open the application on both phones.
  2. One person should create a connection (creating a connection is called creating a group by the app).
  3. When the devices are connected, the sender should click on the files to be sent and the receiver gets them almost instantly.
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The speed of the transfer depends on the size of the file sent, but notwithstanding, the transfer will be fast. Users may also connect more than two devices at the same time to share continuously.

File transfer methods

There are two transfer methods on Xender, they are:

1. Shake: This allows the user select a file and then shake the phone. The selected files will be transferred to a connected phone, once this is done.

2. Group: This allows the user select files and transfers them to more than one connected device at once. The maximum number of multiple transfers is 5 connected devices.

Features of

  • Users can use all apps and folders using Xender.
  • The application is free, there are no charges for transmissions.
  • This application keeps a history of the Received and Sent files.
  • The application allows the transfer of files between single and multiple connected devices at once.
  • The swipe and share feature of the application allows quick transfer of files by just shaking the connected sender’s devices.

Xender’s available versions

Below are the various versions that the applications have:

Android version

This version of the application is compatible with only Android devices. The application’s apk is an android application best compatible for ultra fast file transmissions between Android devices and other smartphones.

Xender for Windows’ phones

This version of the application is compatible with only windows‘ phones. The app’s apk is a window’s phone application best compatible for ultra fast file transmissions between window’s devices and other smartphones.

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iPhone version

This version of the application is compatible with only iPhones. This version of the application is an iPhone’s application best compatible for ultra fast file transmissions between iPhones and other smartphones.

Xender for PC

This version is for mobile phones to Personal Computers (PCs) with blue stacks application on PCs. This feature gives it the name “Xender for PC”.

Download Xender

You can download the application from the Google Play Store if you make use of an Android phone, while it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store if you make use of an iPhone…

How to install and setup the application

  • Download the Xender application. (Your download steps depends on your operating system).
  • When your download is complete, install the app.
  • Open the application and follow the steps below.
  • Click on the red icon on the lower right side on your screen.
  • Then click “Create Now”.
  • After that, click on “Search Group” on the other device.
  • Then select the created group.
  • When you have gone through all of the above processes, you can now send as many files as you wish to the other connected device(s).

Xender’s Profile

Name: Xender

Developer(s): S.S Chandwara

Lokesh Narwani

Tingu Urf Tikiya

Type: Mobile Application

Available in: 22 languages

Development status: Active

Size: 7.42MB

Stable release: 3.1.2015

Written in: Java, Objective-C

Operating system: Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Tizen

License: Proprietary