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Don’t miss out on Amazon free games giveaways through Twitch Prime, which is included with Amazon Prime. It is possible to play these Amazon games through the Twitch app, but the dedicated Amazon Games Launcher gives a better experience. Continue reading if you want to learn how to download and install it.

Amazon Games app

What is the Amazon Games App

The Amazon Games app is a Windows PC game launcher that lets your claim, download, and play new and classic windows PC games from Prime Gaming each Month. Of course! As long as you have an Amazon Prime Membership you can access this for free.

Prime Gaming – What is it?

Prime gaming is Amazon’s gaming-focused service for Prime membership subscribers. Prior to its rebranding as Prime Gaming, the platform was known as Twitch Prime.

However, Amazon appears to have concluded that more individuals were unfamiliar with Twitch than were familiar. Almost everyone, on the other hand, is familiar with Amazon Prime. Thus, omitting Twitch and adding “game” at the end clarifies matters somewhat.

With Prime Gaming, you may earn incentives for playing a variety of games. These incentives change on a regular basis and are never the same. Additionally, not all rewards are available for the same amount of time as others. However, the incentives are always handy for some of the most popular games available across all platforms. This includes mobile.

In other words, Prime Gaming is a bundle of benefits for gamers that enable them to access free in-game content for the games they already own and like.

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What are the benefits of using the Amazon Games app?

Prime members can browse and purchase games from an ever-growing collection of innovative new releases and enduring franchises. There is always something exciting to play, and new titles are launched on a monthly basis, all of which are included with Prime Gaming.


What games can I access using the Amazon Games app?

Prime members may discover and download games from a growing collection of innovative new titles and enduring franchises that is updated on a regular basis. To see what games are now available, download the Amazon Games app or visit Prime Gaming to see what games are currently available as part of your Amazon Prime membership.

Is an Amazon Prime membership required to access the Amazon Games app?

You must have an active Amazon Prime membership to claim, install, and play new games with Prime. A basic Amazon account is required to install or play previously claimed games.

Is the Amazon Games app Free?

Your Amazon Prime membership includes access to the Amazon Games app. There is no additional charge for this service.

Can I play the games with my controllers?

Amazon Games accepts input from any device that your Windows PC supports. Individual games, on the other hand, may restrict the use of specific device types.

What device specifications are required to use the Amazon Games app?

On a Windows PC, you can download and use the Amazon Games app. To operate the Amazon Games application, we recommend the following system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Multi-Core processor
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated HD graphics
  • Storage: 20 GB Storage
  • We are working to add support across more devices in the future.
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Download Amazon Games App for Windows

If you’re trying to download the Amazon games app software, then follow the outlined steps below.

  • Download the Amazon Games App.
  • Find and install the app (AmazonGamesSetup). This would be in your downloads folder by default.
  • Enter your Amazon login details and click sign in.
  • Claim and play games.

It’s that easy.



To conclude this article, you should also know that for downloading and playing these free games, the Amazon Games App is far better than Amazon’s previous Twitch app. It includes a search box for quickly finding the games you want to play. This feature wasn’t available on the Twitch app.

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