Facebook Dating App

Dating Account in Facebook App Download Free for Singles: FACEBOOK DATING APP DOWNLOAD FREE FOR SINGLES


Dating with Facebook Dating App Download Free, is more like start dating on Facebook for free. Facebook Dating App: If you are new on Facebook or have come across the app, you actually just got started and I would say you have probably missed out.

Facebook Dating App

Nonetheless, you still have a lot to enjoy from the Facebook app as Facebook continues to introduce the world to many new features on its app. The Facebook app doesn’t only feature chatting and posting, you can also run ads and do many other things on the platform.

Dating Account in Facebook App Download Free for Singles

Facebook has introduced dating to its app just as it has also featured Avatars a few months back. The dating feature has moved users as you can find different people and friends you can chat with and even do business with on the run.

Some people prefer online dating and that’s why it has been included on the app to give you the flexibility when using your app. You can access your accounts and at the same gain access to the dating platform.

Let’s get down to the main business, that is, the Facebook dating feature that has been included on the Facebook app.

Firstly, we would talk about Facebook dating for single, as this has been common for singles who are looking for new relationships and people to mingle with.

Facebook dating for singles

Once again I will say it is amazing that Facebook has done a great job to add the dating feature to its app.

As it will give single users the ability to find a soulmate easily on their app. The fun you get when using the dating app is that you can express yourself easily. You will also have the charisma to chat with anyone online.

Unlike other dating sites that require you to pay for chatting or buy a coin for chatting. Facebook dating doesn’t need any money because it is free to access as long as you have the Facebook app installed on your mobile phone.

Facebook dating free app download free

Most people think Facebook dating has an app separate from the Facebook app. Although, Facebook created a separate app for gaming features. And this has triggered the mind of some people about Facebook dating.


To access Facebook dating, you don’t need to download or install any app, because the dating app is the same as your Facebook app. The difference is that it is a section in the Facebook app just the gaming, jobs, and jobs feature. The dating feature is also available for android devices and iPhone devices as well.

Facebook dating sites

Most users tend to search on the internet to find Facebook dating online. This is a long process to find Facebook dating because you will find different dating apps, but none will be like Facebook dating.

Although there are many sites for dating online the Facebook dating is more unique and easy to use. You can access your Facebook dating from your Facebook app just as we have explained earlier. And you won’t need to log into any site as long as your Facebook app is installed on your phone.

Facebook dating setup

You can create a dating profile by yourself without the need for any expert knowledge. The first step to take when you want to create a dating profile is to make sure your Facebook app is installed on your phone and updated. The steps below will help you ease your way to creating a dating profile.

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Click the menu button at the top of the Facebook homepage. (iPhone devices have the menu located at the lower right corner of the homepage.
  • click “Dating” from the list of options provided. The dating has a (love/heart) icon with pink and purple colors.
  • Fill your credentials. Location, Gender, Interests, and add a photo
  • Now you will confirm your profile and your dating profile is created

Facebook dating group

Aside from the Facebook dating feature, there are many other dating groups. These groups are also found on the Facebook app when you log in to your Facebook account.


But Facebook dating is more convenient because you will be in charge of anything you do. You can find Facebook dating groups when you go to search on your Facebook app.

  • Type “Facebook dating groups” in the search box. Different dating groups will be shown to you,
  • All you have to do is tap “Join”.
  • Some of the groups are opened to adults or users up to 18 or more.
  • You will wait to be confirmed in the group you joined.