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How to Create Page on Facebook – Facebook Page Create New Business Page Easily


Today’s article revolves around How to Create Page on Facebook, How to create Facebook Business Page Easily. Before then let’s walk you through the Facebook signup process.  I believe we all know what Facebook is all about.

Facebook Page

How to Sign in / Create an account on Facebook.

  • Launch any web browser and visit Facebook office platform www.facebook.com
  • Next click on the Create account link
  • And follow the onscreen instructions

How to download Facebook on Android and on iOS.

If you are using an Android phone, visit the Google Play Store then type in Facebook into the search bar and search for it. Once the result is out, click on “Install” to download it to your home screen.

If you are using an iPhone, visit the App Store and then type in “Facebook” into the search bar and search for it. Thn follow the rest onscreen instruction to download the Facebook mobile app to your home screen.

How.  to create a page on Facebook.

To create a Facebook page, you must have a Facebook account and you must be a Facebook user. Follow the steps below to create a page on Facebook:

  • Visit “facebook.com/pages/create”.
  • Then choose a page type.
  • Next is to fill out all required information.
  • Finally, click on “Continue” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Tip: It is very easy for anyone to create a page, however, only official representatives can create a Page for a business, a brand or public figure, as well as an organization.

How to delete a Facebook page.

On Classic Facebook:

  • Open your Facebook and visit your page, then click on “Settings”.
  • Right from “General”, click on “Remove Page”.
  • Next, is to click on “Delete [Page name].
  • Then click on “Delete Page” and tap “OK”.

On New Facebook:

  • Open your Facebook mobile app, visit your page and then click on “Page Settings”.
  • Right from “General”, click on “Remove Page”.
  • Next, click on “Delete [Page name].
  • Then tap “Delete Page” and click on “OK”.

Note that your page won’t be deleted permanently until after 14 days. However, you can choose to unpublish your page when you want to.

How to cancel Page deletion.

Follow these steps to cancel your page deletion:

To cancel your page deletion on Classic Facebook:

  • Visit your page within 14 days of deleting your page.
  • Next is to click on “Cancel Deletion”. You will find it at the top of your page.
  • Then click on “Confirm” and also click on “OK”.

To cancel your page deletion on New Facebook:

  • Visit your page within 14 days of deleting your page.
  • Next is to click on “Page Settings”. You will find it in the bottom left of your page.
  • Tap “Cancel Deletion”.
  • Then click on “Confirm” and click “OK” to confirm your page deletion.

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is a free opportunity tool for businesses in order to help them increase their brand awareness and to also generate more sales on Facebook.


How to create a business page on Facebook.

Setting a Facebook business page is easy, all you need to do is to follow the steps below. However, here’s is all you will need before setting up your Facebook business page:

  • The name of your business as well as the description.
  • A profile photo and a cover photo to represent your business.
  • The action you want people to take.

Here’s how to create a business page on Facebook:

To create a Facebook business page, you must have a Facebook account. However, if you do not have a Facebook account, you have to download the Facebook mobile app, create an account and sign up.

  • Type in “facebook.com/pages/create into the search bar of any web browser of your choice and search.
  • Then you choose the type of page you wish to create. Be it a business, brand, or a community/public figure. But since you you want to create a business page, choose business then click on the “Get Started” button.
  • Next is to input your business information. Including your business page name as well as a little description of your business. To choose a category, type in a word or two that best describes your business and Facebook will automatically suggest some options for you. Once you choose a category, the box will then expand asking you some few informations. Like your phone number, address. You can as well choose to either make the information public or show your city and state only. When you are done, click on “Continue”.

Tip: Note that doing so will indicate that you have accepted Facebook’s Pages, Groups, and Events Policies. So check them out before you begin.

  • Now add pictures by uploading your profile picture and also your cover photos for your business page.

Tip: Make sure any picture, photo, or image you are uploading or using align with your brand and are easily recognized with your business. If your brand is a recognized one, I would advice you use your logo.

If you are a local business, try using a nice and clear image of your signature offering. And if you are a public figure or a celebrity, a picture of your face alone will attract more followers as well as customers.


Nevertheless, the most important of them all is to enable customers and followers to easily recognize your page.

  • Next, is to create a username.
  • Include your business details.
  • Tell your story by adding a longer description of your business.
  • Then create your first post.
  • Lastly, publish your page and invite audience.

How do I use a Facebook Personal Profile for Business?

  • Make some changes to your profile settings.
  • Add a professional spin on your profile picture and also on your cover image.
  • Next is to update your profile using professional details.
  • Then preview the public version of your personal profile.