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All Music Platform – RhythmOne owns the music database, which was founded in 1991 and made available on the Internet in 1994.

All Music is an exhaustive and in-depth resource for learning about the albums, bands, musicians, and songs you enjoy.

all music

The website is a straightforward platform that allows users to search for songs, bands, and favorite performers. The site is also well-organized in an easy-to-follow structure, which enhances your searchlight.

All Music Platform

Michael Erlewine, a renowned astrologer, Buddhist musician and scholar, and archivist, created All Music. He was motivated to employ music in his astrology practice, and the company grew and evolved as a result of many circumstances.

He sold the company to the Ron Burkle Yucaipa Equity Fund in 1996. Due to a series of events, the company’s ownership changed several times, and in 2015, All Music was acquired by BlinkX, which was renamed RhythmOne. The company is currently owned by TiVo.

Additionally, All Music is not just about songs, but also about artist and band reviews. The website’s layout is simple to use and extremely engaging, with stunning images and incredible designs and subtitles for the information.

The website’s features provide further information about the site and its operations. The following information is available on the website:

  • Reviews of new and classic artists, as well as fresh releases.
  • Users will receive customized suggestions for albums that are relevant to them.
  • Numerous details about albums, songs, and musicians. All Music’s editorial staff selects albums for editorial assessment. You’ll find audio samples and links to streaming songs.
  • Ratings and selections from an artist’s discography or an album or tunes. These are just a handful of the reasons why the All Music website keeps consumers coming back for more.

Categories on the All Music Website.

The website is organized into numerous categories to allow visitors to easily navigate and search among the millions of songs, artists, and albums. It’s categories are listed below:

New Release

This section features newly released tracks. If you’re looking for new music, songs, bands, or even videos, simply click on the widget. Additionally, this section highlights recent artist appearances and song premieres.

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You’ll find a variety of genres organized under the discover area. Blues, Electronic, classical, Moods, Themes, Country, Folk, international, New Age, Latin, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Rap, R&B, Reggae, Stage & Screen, and all genres are included in this genre.


The section covers artist profiles, artist streams, artist interviews, artist videos, artist lists, and all artist posts.


The All Music staff selects tracks based on the artist’s tale of inspiration for such song. This is a relatively new category on the website.


My Profile

Users of All Music can build a profile on the website. To create a profile, you must first sign up and then sign in. Additionally, you can construct a playlist and subscribe to a frequent newsletter through your account.

Search Bar

This area enables visitors to conduct simple searches. This area allows you to search for your favorite artists, albums, and songs. Additionally, you can use the search box to look for videos, articles, streams, and features.

Advanced Search for Albums

Using this widget to conduct a search is a more sophisticated method of conducting a search. You’ll need to enter the artist’s name, the album’s title, the date and year of release, a rating if applicable, and any further information.

This will help you conduct a more precise and targeted search. As a result, familiarity with these categories enables you to explore this website with confidence and easily.

How To Create An Account With All Music

Signing up for an All Music account entails a number of perks that all users will appreciate. The following are some of those benefits:

  • You will receive recommendations for your favorite albums.
  • You will have the ability to design your own album lists.
  • Subscribe to any artist’s mailing list to receive notice of new releases.
  • Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for new releases.
  • Sign up for weekly new release Newsletter
  • You can give any album a rating.
  • You’ll have a user profile that enables you to share your lists with others.
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The following are the advantages of becoming a member of the All Music platform.

How To Create An All Music Account

These instructions are quite straightforward and simple for anyone to follow. And they include the following:

  • You can access All Music via the All Music App or any browser type by clicking Here
  • When it opens, navigate to and click on the ‘Sign Up’ widget while the page loads.
  • You can sign up using Facebook, Google, or email gateways.
  • Following that, input your First and Last Names.
  • On the following page input your email address, followed by a confirmation in the following field.
  • Your Password has been added and verified.
  • Indicate that you are not a robot by checking the reCAPTCHA box.
  • Simply click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

By registering, you agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Notice.

Best Way to Download Music from All Music

It’s not easy to download a song from the website, and there are no provisions for free downloads, which means you must subscribe to the music site.

If you are unable to subscribe, you will need to find an alternative method, such as music recorders. There are numerous options available, including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and iHeartRadio.


In conclusion, always visit the All Music website to listen to new music releases and other artist and album-related content.

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