Coders Laptop: 10 Best Cheap Laptops for Coders


Let’s talk about the Best Cheap Laptops for Coders. The world is evolving and technology is growing, the days of struggling in getting a very good laptop are over.

You can get lots of options to buy laptops for your different purposes, it might be for Coding, graphics, programming, gaming laptops or even for other works. There is a variety of choices to make now unlike before.

Before we list laptops that are perfect for coders, I will like to bring to us little things to know about coding.

Best Cheap Laptops for Coders: Computer programming or coding is the process of creating or designing software for computers and other devices so as to solve a particular problem.

Programming involves works like analyzing, generating an algorithm, to profile and check your algorithm accuracy and the resource to be used, the implementation of algorithms base on a particular computer programming language.

The reason people code or program is to get a series of instructions that will generate and execute a task (the task can be difficult like creating an operating system or more) on a device. This is done often to solve a given problem.

Now let’s talk about 10 Best Laptops for coders.

Below are the best cheap laptops for Professional coders based o reviews and Ratings.



The touchscreen laptop comes with a 15.6 inch and also with a cool screen pad. Although the price of the system is a little bit expensive it worth it.

Laptops for Coders

The system comes with a 16 GB OF DDRA RAM, cool right, and also an Intel Core i9-8950HK (This is one of the latest Intel processors). Now you see why I said it really worth it.

Now speaking of the disk size it comes with fast 512 GB PCIe SSD drive, this is perfect for programming.

This is stem is not just for coders and it also for gamers it comes with an amazing graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU.

You will enjoy quality video editing, gaming, and graphics design. it’s so cool for programmers you can get a perfect view of any programming work you working on since the system is compact with an amazing graphics card.



This is a fancy HP laptop. It can serve as a laptop or also a tablet, something good about this laptop is that it comes with premium build quality and an amazing hardware you can work with.

Laptops for Coders

The system is a touch screen laptop with 4K UHD display. It operates with Intel top hexacore processor, i7-8750H CPU. HP SPECTRE also has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti (4GB) graphics card. This is a perfect system for programming and graphics activities. It is pretty too fancy for it price.

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The Microsoft Surface Pro G is a hybrid device. We call it a hybrid device because of its detachable keyboard, you can easily turn it to a tablet by removing the keyboard. It is very powerful and portable. The system is perfect for programmers on the move, for it is light and has a super light 12.3 inch PixelSense Display.

Laptops for Coders

However, it may not be perfect for gaming, but its is for programming. It has a 16GB RAM, a large disk space of 1TB. The speed of the system is superb for it will cope with any task you give to it. Another amazing feature of the laptop is its battery life. It has up 8-10 hours when fully charged.



Dell G7 us a gaming Laptop with amazing 17 inch screen. This is a perfect system for coders. Coming with one of the latest Intel processor, a 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H CPU that works with a great graphics card of NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GPU.

Laptops for Coders

However, the display of the the system is bright and well-calibrated with 144Hz display. Coders that are into other choice of laptop like gaming and graphics related work will really enjoy this system.



Asus is already known for their quality panels port and battery life. This laptop will not be the best laptop out there but it is very effective. It has a great panel, good port and an amazing battery life also a good full HD 15″ display.




The processor is an AMD Quard-Core R5-3500U CPU and it runs with an 8 GB RAM. It also have a fast 256GB PCIe SSD, and a graphics card of AMD’s popular Radeon Vegan 8.



Google always have unique devices, as this laptop is so unique. It surely operate with built-in Google Assistant, but runs an Intel i7 process with a disk space of 512GB.



However, the screen size is 12.3″, and have a RAM of 16GB, so powerful. This laptop is so perfect for programmers, because it give more edge on those who fancy Linux.



This device is a powerful system from Apple, it comes with an amazing features an accessories. It runs an Intel i7 or i9 processor and has a disk space of 256GB – 2TB expandable SSD. It flaunts a retina display and sure a touchscreen.


The Apple T2 Chip was added to this machine that helps you encrypt storage and also have a safe booting to make you have peace of mind. Another amazing thing about the system is its battery life, 8 hours is guaranteed.

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The Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 is a workhorse, if you can afford this machine then i am sure you will not be having any issue with a system doing anything you want. If you want to code, play game, doing graphics jobs then this is a perfect system for you.

Laptops for Coders

The system come with an Intel Core i7 8th generation processor. It runs a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics card, uses up to 64GB RAM and 1TB SSD. It has a 15.6″ FHD (1920 X 1080) 4K UHD HDR multi touch display system.



HP with their amazing EliteBook x360 1040 G5 product is sure one of the predator out there in the world. Although i won’t say is the perfect machine, but it sure has lots of features that makes you think its the best.

Laptops for Coders

However, the system comes with the 8th generation Intel Core i5 – i7 and a Intel UHD Graphics G20 Graphics card. It operate with 8GB – 32GB RAM, and and expandable 128GB – 1TB SSD. The battery life is awesome with an amazing 14″ diagonal BrightView LED FHD.

MACBOOK PRO (15-inch, 2019)

Looking for the best laptops for coders or programming, without mentioning this wonderful piece, then something is missing. This is great for programmers that develop programs for macOS. With the great RAM and processor this MacBook is the fastest MacBook ever created by the Cupertino tech behemoth.

Laptops for Coders
Macbook Pro 2019 15 inch

However the system comes with a Intel Core i7 – i9 9th generation processor. Amazing AMD Radeon Pro 555X – 560X, and also Intel UHD Graphics 630. It runs 16GB – 32GB RAM and disk storage of 512GB – 4TB SSD, with 15.4″ retina display screen.

Where to buy? 


You can buy any of the above laptops for Coders on Amazon

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