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Chrome OS may eventually be getting a dark mode


Chrome OS may eventually be getting a dark mode. But according to Android Central, it has so far been spotted only in its experimental Canary channel.

Before you start messing around with Canary be informed: Canary is Google’s “bleeding edge” Chrome OS path, which gets updates of features daily even before they have been largely tested.

Chrome OS

You can only access it from Chromebooks changed into an exceptional developer mode (not to be mistaken with the Chrome OS Developer channel). Google cautions users that Canary can be “unstable”.

How to activate dark mode on your Chromebook

However, to activate dark mode on your Chromebook:

  • You will have to install the Canary channel first. As soon as you install the Canary channel, Android Central tells you to open Chrome and input “chrome://flags/#enable-force dark and chrome://flags/#enable-webui-dark-mode” into the URL bar.
  • I should take note that I tried using this on my former Chromebook and I was not able to make it work.

Android Central mentions that the dark mode has some bugs, however, note that this seems to apply over the UI, not as darker backgrounds.


Google has launched the dark mode versions for its Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Fits, as well as its mobile app over the last few months. However, Android and iOS both started making use of the dark mode last year at the system level.

What Android Police said concerning Chrome OS

Here is what Android Police’s Kent Duke said concerning Chrome OS:

“We can immediately see the difference as soon as the OS applies these flags. The browser and system apps transform into a sleek, near-black color that fits nicely with the default theme. The wallpaper picker looks the most polished so far as its title bar matches the dark aesthetics, unlike other apps”.

As I said, dark themes have been out on several platforms as well as devices over the last few years, so it is very good to see that Chrome OS is following the footstep. However, Google introduced a dark theme to Chrome 78 last year but it didn’t work so perfectly on Chrome OS.

The Dark Mode feature didn’t work perfectly for some users

Some users said the new feature instead of working fine, it caused more problems, thereby pushing them to re-format their Chromebooks.

Google withdrew the flag one update after some time and that was that. Right till this moment, it wasn’t fully clear when an actual dark theme would be available.


Now we all know that the feature is on its way however it is still too early in its development. It will still need a whole lot of improvement to be ready for the Chrome OS Stable channel.