Christmas Games

Christmas Games: List of Christmas games you can play with your family and friends


Christmas Games. Yuppie! The festive period is around the corner and I know you wouldn’t want to have a boring and unmemorable Christmas on that day. Sure, everyone wants to have fun and uniquely celebrate this Christmas.

Either by organizing a great party, going to the cinemas, celebrating indoors, going on holidays, or even playing games, name them.

Christmas Games

Now, to the aspect of playing Christmas games. Do you know that you can equally play exciting Christmas games with your family and loves ones on Christmas day? Here, in this article, I will be feeding you with lots of interesting Christmas games that you can play with your family and friends on Christmas day.

Christmas Games

Christmas Games are exciting games that you can play with your family and friends on Christmas day. Sure, these games are very interesting as you would love to play more and more. The Christmas games are not only for adults, there are also for kids.

Meaning, several Christmas games are for kids also to make them happy.

Christmas Games Online

Christmas games can be played online also. Here are the top Christmas games to play online:

  • Baby Hazel Christmas Dream
  • Find the Santa Twins
  • Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise
  • Marble Lines
  • Thanksgiving Match Game.
  • Ultimate Wheelie
  • Xmas Sudoku
  • Adam & Eve: Snow
  • Santa Snakes
  • Xmas Rooftop Battles
  • Snowball Fight and many more.

Christmas Games for Parties (Adults only)

Everyone loves and would love to play a party game especially at Christmas. Christmas games for parties are great ways to break or kill boredom and encourage every other person to start mingling.

Just imagine going to a Mall or a game center, then you see others playing games, be it your friends, families or loved ones, sure you would be moved to join them in playing games.

That’s the interest in it. Games, not just games. But interesting and maybe educative games have a way of drawing the mind of the audience and even encouraging more people to play.

The Christmas games I’m about listing when played in your next holiday party or office party, be rest assured to have a memorable holiday, filled with lots of cheers.

Below are the best Christmas games for parties (Adults only):

Ornament Guess (One of the best Christmas games)

This Christmas game for adults is a very interesting one, especially for your Guest. You can light up their day by playing the “Ornament Guess”.

Here is how the Ornament Guess is played:

As soon as any of your guests walk in, give them a slip of paper and ask them to guess how many ornaments are on your Christmas tree. Anyone who gets closest to the actual number of ornament wins a prize. Interesting right?

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ornament guess

But if two or more people get the actual number correctly, you will have to place the entries in a bowl and pick any at random.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Test the knowledge of your guest by asking them their favorite holiday movies. Print out Christmas movie trivia sheets. The options include “A Christmas story trivia and general Christmas movie trivia”. Now give it to your guests and ask them to fill it out on their own or host a live trivia game.

christmas movie trivia

They all think they know their Christmas movies, so this will really excite some people.

Two Truths and a Lie

This particular game is really an ice breaker!. Yes, you can break the ice by creating a theme: “Worst Christmas Gift Ever Received”. Then have each guest come up with two that are real and one that is a lie.

2 truths and a lie

Can your guest spot the truths and the lie? Smiles, you really need to try this.

Christmas Gift Exchange Game

Gifts can be exchanged at Christmas parties and this includes a fun poem that will make everyone keep laughing and excited while they are exchanging their gifts.

christmas gift exchange game


Others include;

  • Merry Christmas paper plate game
  • Christmas-themed 20 questions.
  • Funny employee awards.
  • Name that Christmas tradition.
  • Snowball throw.
  • Two spoons
  • Christmas sing-a-long surprise
  • Christmas card couples
  • What’s on your phone?
  • Christmas photo props.
  • Gift exchange story game and many more.

Christmas Games for Kids

Like I said earlier, kids are not left out when it comes to Christmas games. They are a huge variety of games that kids can play to keep them happy and smiling. These games include:

Minute to win it cup stacking

This cup stacking game might seem impossible to achieve, however, it is actually possible. It’s just about speed because you have only one minute to stack the cup.

minute to win it cup stacking

This game is a-must-play as this will cheer the kids up and get them laughing.

Christmas mad libs

Mad libs are filled with endless laughter as your kids will think of their own funny words and also read their stories out.

chrismas mad libs

Reindeer antler ring toss

This particular game is simple and filled with fun. As they play the game, watch out for who can attach the most inflatable rings in one minute on the antlers.

reindeer antler ring toss

Hit the Grinch Game

Do not let the Grinch bring down your holiday spirit. Here, you and your youngest guests take advantage of the popular character who stole Christmas by making use of Nerf guns and green balloons.

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hit the grinch game

Others include;

  • Festive tic-tac-toe game.
  • The Christmas present game.
  • Minute to win it candy hook ’em game
  • Poke-a-tree game.
  • Christmas bingo
  • Diy snow paint game.

Christmas Games for Families

Christmas is not all about visiting the cinemas and preparing a small party at home, where everyone just sits, eats, and clears up later. They are worth more than that. Create something, enjoy it, have fun while you create memories!

Sure, you wouldn’t want your Christmas guest to feel bored or say: “I am bored”.

There are so many ways you could prevent that. One which is playing Christmas games. You can play Christmas games with your family, friends, and guest and break the ice!

Here are some games you can play with your family and friends at Christmas:

Christmas Guess Who

Reindeer Games

Personally come up with the iconic game of guessing who? and make it fun and memorable by creating cards that are related to different family members. Or making use of Polaroid photos as cards.

christmas guess who

Now to guess the actual person, make use of holiday prompts like, “Who’s celebrated the most holidays in our family?” or “Who makes her signature Christmas dessert?” Once you are done, fix the pictures into your decor.

Christmas Dance Freeze

This is another interesting Christmas game to play with your families. To play this game, turn rocking around the Christmas tree into a game by organizing a holiday dance-off. You can throw it back to your school days by playing a dance freeze.

christmas dance freeze

Put on the music and get rockin’, now put it off without telling anyone and then shout “freeze!”. The person to move last is out of the game.

Guess the Christmas Smell Game

guess the christmas scent game

To play this game with your families, place a selection of classic Christmas scents (like pine needles, peppermint, and nutmeg) into different jars. Now blindfold your guests then ask them to guess the scent.

Cookie Decorating Contest

You can turn your holiday baking chore into a game for everyone. Anyone who makes the best cookie wins. And the bonus here is that you get to eat your creation.

cookie decorating contest


Other Christmas games for families include:

  • Candy cane hunt.
  • Gingerbread house competition.
  • Sort the ornaments game.
  • Christmas mad libs.
  • Snowman bowling.
  • Christmas would you rather.
  • Marshmallow Toss.
  • DIY ornament pinatas.
  • Sock guessing game and many more.