christmas games

Christmas Games: Christmas games for kids, families, and friends


Christmas Games. Christmas is around the corner and you wouldn’t want to miss any fun this festive period. Either visiting the cinemas, going on trips, hosting a family party, name them.

There are a lot of interesting things to do on Christmas day, regardless of age and where you are.

One of them is playing games. Although, going out with family and friends and also organizing a small party is cool. But why not spice it up with a few Christmas games?

christmas games

Christmas games can be played indoors with family and friends. Kids have not left out also as there are so many interesting games to cheer them up this season.

Here, we will be feeding you with some exciting Christmas games to play with your family and friends both indoor and online.

Christmas Games Online

Apart from playing the normal physical Christmas games. There are still lots of Christmas games online that you can play. They include:

Here are Christmas games to play online at

  • Christmas tree fun
  • Xmas wheelie
  • Angry Santa Claus
  • Snowball fight
  • Run Santa
  • Adam & Eve snow
  • Music line Christmas
  • Baby hazel reindeer
  • Santa snakes
  • Princess Christmas party
  • Baby Hazel Christmas dream
  • Santa’s chimney trouble
  • Xmas rooftop battles
  • Instagirls Christmas dress up.

Christmas games for kids, families, and adults

Below are Christmas games for kids, families, and friends:

Christmas Cookie decorating contest (One of the best Christmas games for kids)

We all know how kids love decoration, especially when it comes to decorating cookies. Yes! you can equally turn this into a contest. In the end, you give awards for the most creative, prettiest, best-tasting cookies, and the most colorful.

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christmas cookie decorating contest

Find Santa’s reindeer (for kids)

This is another interesting Christmas games for kids. To play this, arrange a fun scavenger hunt in which the kids go in search of Santa’s reindeer, which you have hidden around the space. Depending on the ages of the children, you can choose to hide it in an easy-to-spot area or make it a little bit difficult to find.

find santa's reindeer

Like I said earlier, depending on their ages.

Gift wrap relay (for kids)

This game is one of the best and creative festive games for kids. See how fast the kids can wrap a present by splitting them into groups. Make the first round an easy-to-wrap present like a box. As time goes on, make the present harder to wrap without having to rip the paper


gift wrap relay

Christmas dance freeze (One of the best Christmas games for family)

This is one of the best festive games for families. It just requires dancing around the Christmas tree and once the music is off the last person to freeze is out.

christmas dance freeze

Guess the Christmas smell game (for family)

Another interesting festive game for families. Here, each participant will have to guess the scent of some stuff blindfolded. For example, peppermint, nutmeg, and pine noodles in a jar. Remember, no spying!

guess the smell

Ring the reindeer antler (for family)

Ring the reindeer antlers is another interesting Christmas game to play with family and friends.

To play this game, pick up a reindeer antler headband or you can improvise yours if you are feeling crafty. Next is to twist red and white pipe cleaners together to form candy cane-striped rings. Now have someone wear it on his or her head, the rest can now start tossing the rings onto the antler headbands.

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ring the antler

This is a great ideal for both indoor and outdoor.

Gift wrap game (One of the best Christmas games for an adult)

Play a game by making your guest wrap a present and see our fast they can go. Note that they must work in pairs and each of them can only make use of a single hand.

gift wrap game

Christmas ‘would you rather?’ (A great Christmas game for an adult)

This is one of the best Christmas games for adults as it comes with so much fun, excitement, and laughter. The game is more like a “truth or dare” game.

would you rather

Christmas games printable

As the festive period is fast approaching, many of us would like to get Christmas games printable for games. Most of the printable games include:

Free Printable Santa trivia quiz

This quiz is an interesting quiz game to play with friends and families and even at the party

Free printable Christmas tree trivia quiz

This is also another Christmas printable game to play with your family and friends. It can be distributed among guests to fill in the right answer for each question on the printable.

Free printable Christmas crossword puzzle

This is mainly for kids and it is an interesting game to play.


Others include:

  • Christmas movie emoji Pictionary quiz
  • Free printable Christmas carol game
  • Match the character with the Christmas movie name game
  • Who am I? free printable Christmas game
  • Pin the Nose on Rudolph, a free printable Christmas game.