Cheap Laptop For Programming Students 2020

Let’s talk about Cheap Laptop For Programming Students. Programs are created using lines of “code” by the programmer, by creating technical solutions to attend to their client or to fix personal problems. Being a computer programmer you need to have an amazing laptop. This led to us creating this list of amazing cheap laptops for programming.

Laptop For Programming


You can easily satisfy your client’s needs using the right laptop. The question is how you know a laptop is good or bad for programming? It’s a perfect place to start when you can figure out the system you need for programming.

What are you looking for in a programming laptop?

It’s going to be a boring process choosing a laptop for programming. Looking at the screen sure you see you typing colorful code, but it’s more than that. A laptop needs a good feature or spec combination to make your coding session easier.

We have created a list of things you have to consider when getting a laptop for coding/programming. Though it may not be of concern to everyone, giving a little overview so you can be sure of getting the best laptop you can afford.

They are


You have to make sure your laptop is very portable, though laptops were made with mobility in mind.

If you can get a very mobile system, you can get a laptop with up to 15-inch screen, which usually comes with a good spec and the wider screen will help in multitasking. But if you know you always on the move, getting a smaller screen and portable system with a good battery life that weighs less is perfect.


In laptops, one of the most important specs is the display. When programming an application, the display really matters for you will work on the screen for a while each day. It is very important you can see the details of the application clearly.

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It is generally recommended to choose a laptop that has a full HD display, so you can see lines of code clearly.

CPU (Processing Power)

Your laptop performance can be influenced by the CPU inside it. Getting a laptop with a small or cheap processor can make your work stressful and harder. There are several types of the processor with their different specifications. You need to focus on the size, the number of cores, thermal design power and also the frequency.

If you using a laptop that operates with Intel, you either work with an i5 or i7 with at least 3 GHz. That will be conducive to your programming works.


You should not go for a laptop that is less than 4GB RAM. Experts recommend you work with a system that has a RAM starting from 8GB. Many applications for programming use much RAM, so when you go for a lesser RAM only makes your work harder and slower.

Storage and Capacity

For your programming laptop, it is recommended you go for Solid State Drives, also known as SSD’s. Compared to a standard hard drive, SSD improves the performance of your laptop. When you want to compile code, boot up an OS, Launch an app, or load projects it works faster with an SSD.

You need to go for 256GB as your starting point, but its best with higher ones like 512GB or 1TB and above.


Aside from the display another important part of the laptop you have to consider is the keyboard. Your work will be affected if you working with a keyboard with low quality. It can be tedious and boring when you work with the keyboard you not comfortable with.

You can try it first, and make sure when using it you can reach out all functions with ease. If you know you will be working at night or a place without light, considering a backlit keyboard can really help.

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Battery Life

It is really frustrating working on a project and your battery dies. Not every like plugging their laptops all day. You should consider getting a system with at least 6 hours of backup life.

Operating System OS.

This really decides what laptop many people use. Those people using Windows are privilege to use many options, unlike macOS users who have limited offers from MacBook.

Many laptops running Windows OS support Linux, but it is more preferable getting a laptop that already supports it. Some companies already give great laptops with Linux installed in it.

What is Linux?

The term Linux may be new to beginners in programming. To easily explain it, Linux is an open-sourced, community-developed OS for computers, mobile devices, servers and also mainframes. You can equally code or program with Chrome OS or Microsoft Wi.

Cheap Laptop For Programming Students 2020

Getting a laptop at the market lately can be very competitive. We considered a lot of options to find the best programming laptops. However, with the criteria above you can the list of laptops below is cheap and perfect for students who love coding.

  • Huawei MateBook 13 – $939
  • LG Gram 17″ – $1546
  • Asus Chromebook Flip – $463
  • Dell Inspiron 14 5482 – $699
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P1– $1576
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15″ – $2362
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Tablet) – $774
  • Google Pixelbook – $1500
  • Asus Zenbook UX – $430 – $881