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PS5: What you should do when you eventually get your new PlayStation 5

PS5: The new PlayStation is about to be released by the company. And there is no doubt that games are the most vital part of any console launch. The new person interface as well as the settings of the new PS5 have got new potentialities that we take a look like it is really the […]

Apple has placed its main supplier on probation for labor violations

Apple has placed its main supplier on probation for labor violations. Apple has placed its major supplier Pegatron on probation from fresh contracts. This was a result of the disclosure of student labor violations at some of the China-based facilities of the Taiwanese manufacturers. The reports from Bloomberg also made it clear that the company […]

Facebook to place groups on probation for going against its content rules

Facebook to place groups on probation for going against its content rules. Facebook has made plans to place groups on its platform with too many posts on probation. Specifically, the one that goes against its content rules. This was another way to stop the dissemination of false information on its platform. According to the reports […]

Google Photos might include some editing features behind a subscription paywall

Google photos are amazing photo management as well as an editing app. This app is well known worldwide and it has put in several efforts to monetize photos. Most currently by releasing a subscription service where its customers get an option of 10 printed shots monthly. However, now, following what the XDA Developers said and […]

Amazon is planning new service for its rural deliveries

Amazon is planning a new service for its rural deliveries. Amazon is now looking forward to handling its own deliveries to rural areas. Instead of just having to depend on the US Postal Service. This report was from the The Information according to several job postings. The e-commerce behemoth would depend on shipping hubs in […]

Google Meet now allows you use custom backgrounds on video calls.

Google Meet by Google now allows users to make use of custom backgrounds on video calls, the company mentioned in a blog post. If you make use of Meet in the Chrome browser of Google, you should know how to make use of the feature in Chrome also on Mac laptops, Windows, and desktops. This […]

Biden-Harris campaign has launched a ‘Build Back Better’ map in Fortnite

Biden-Harris campaign. The former vice president of the US’ campaign has introduced a new custom map in Fortnite. This update was initially reported by Mashable that the “Build Back Better with Biden” map. That is the  Biden-Harris campaign is situated in “Reboot City”. And it is also looking forward to promoting the message of the […]

Instagram disables the ‘recent’ tab from hashtag pages ahead of US Election

Instagram disables the ‘recent’ tab from hashtag pages ahead of US Election. Instagram is bringing down its hashtags, ahead of the US presidential election that is on the 3rd of November, 2020. The Facebook-owned company yesterday disclosed that it would get rid of the “recent” tab on the hashtag pages temporarily. To indisputably terminate the […]

Netflix is raising the price of standard and premium plans in the US

Netflix has introduced price hikes for its US subscribers, by putting up the price of its standard plan to $14 monthly and its premium tier to $18 monthly. The latest price for the standard plan is an increase of $1 from $13 per month, whereas the new premium tier cost is an increase of $2 […]

T-Mobile mid-band 5G network is expanded, nearly doubling its coverage

T-Mobile mid-band 5G network is expanded. T-Mobile has disclosed another extension of its mid-band 5G network of 2.5GHz, which is now accessible in so many new cities, closely doubling the coverage of its last initial mid-band launch, from the end of September. With the announcement made on the extension of the T-Mobile mid-band 5G network, […]