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Peloton reveals new chapter treadmill and high-priced Bike Plus

Peloton has doubled its product, by introducing a lesser-priced treadmill and a high-priced exercise bike. The latest treadmill, known as the Tread, will be priced at $2,495 in “early 2021”. Whereas, the exercise bike, called the Bike Plus, will be priced at $2,495 starting from the 9th of September in the US, UK, Canada, as […]

Apple: Rumors says the new iPhone 12 could be unveiled in coming days as planned by Virtual event

Apple is putting all efforts to launch the latest iPhone 12 a few days from now. This is according to several rumors heard. The latest reports show that Apple might pronounce the virtual event to display the new iPhone 12. And also, other upgraded products. Including iPads, as soon as this week. It remains uncertain […]

Amazon pulls down a five-star fraud in the UK

Amazon top reviewers in the UK seem to have been engaged in fraud. Placing a whole lot of five-star ratings in an interchange for free products or for money. According to an investigation by the Financial Times, Amazon pulled down up to 20,000 product reviews. Following a report from the FT’s analysis: The number one […]

T-Mobile states its plan to give free internet to 10 million students at home

T-mobile has announced its plans to give out free internet to 10 million students at home. And to also end what then-CEO, John Legend called “the homework page”. Stating it as one of the major reasons why T-Mobile should be enabled to link up with Sprint. The company has now announced that it has given […]

Walmart tries to undermine Amazon Prime with cheaper subscription service

Walmart was founded in the year 1962 by Sam Walton and was incorporated on the 31st of October, in the year 1969. The company is an American international retail corporation with its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. They operate a huge number of discount department stores, a chain of hypermarkets, and grocery stores. Of recent, the […]

Uber opens car rentals in the UK for maximum social distancing

Uber is a platform where drivers and delivery agents can connect with eaters, riders, and even restaurants. It can as well be defined as a transportation network company, known mainly for its ride-hailing taxi app. In some countries where Uber is available, you can make use of the Uber app to demand a ride. The […]